Features That an IPTV Solution You Obtain Should Have

Features That an IPTV Solution You Obtain Should Have

Choosing an IPTV solution for your video streaming needs is a complicated process. You should research thoroughly in order to understand what the market has to offer and which solution is the most suitable for your business. 

Companies specializing in software for video streaming implement different features, which means that you will be able to have and provide different experiences. Some may offer white-label IPTV solutions, while others haven’t implemented such functionality.

Let’s observe what features an IPTV solution for video streaming is better to have.

4 Features an IPTV Solution You Obtain Should Have

For smooth video streaming, you need the following software: IPTV Middleware, applications, an encoder/transcoder, and a CDN. But it should also have particular features.

Monetization capabilities

The primary goal of a video streaming service is to generate revenue. That’s why the software you obtain should have monetization capabilities. 

There are three common models for revenue generation: subscriptions, advertising, and a pay-per-view. Also, there is a hybrid model, which applies to using several pricing approaches mentioned previously. 

They all have their drawbacks and benefits. And you should think thoroughly about which one you want to be your revenue stream. For example, subscriptions are suitable for services with a huge content library. Advertising-based streaming services are free for viewers, and that’s why they are popular. However, you need to partner with advertisers to generate revenue. 


Analytics is a powerful tool for the growth of your video streaming service. Its primary purpose is to help you make informed decisions providing essential data on content performance, technical issues, and users’ behavior. 

As a result, you will understand what content is popular and what content you can stop creating. Then, you segment your audience and clarify its interests, demographics, and other data. You know if there are any technical issues your viewers experience so that you can troubleshoot.

Also, analytics allows you to stop wasting resources on actions that don’t bring any results. You save your time and money by tracking analytics and implementing your insights. 

White-label functionality

The white-label functionality of an IPTV solution lets you utilize your own colors, fonts, and other design elements. Instead of developing your own software, you obtain a pre-developed solution with rebranding capabilities. 

White labeling is a way to save your time and expenses, otherwise spent on development and design. Moreover, such software is already tested by professionals and other businesses. The company specializing in IPTV solution development implemented all the necessary features and functionality that can help you achieve your business goals. 

Multi-platform capabilities

Multi-platform capabilities allow you to reach as many devices as possible. It is essential because viewers will certainly use different devices to watch your content: smartphones, TVs, laptops, and tablets.

All these devices have varied technical requirements. That’s why it is better to provide applications for them. Your viewers will be able to enjoy your content on the device they want without any interruptions for playback. 

A company developing an IPTV solution should provide you with applications so that you don’t need to create your own. 

Drawing the Line

An IPTV solution should have wide capabilities for your smooth operation. We listed just a few things that might be crucial. 

Decide what your business goals are and what you want to achieve by launching an IPTV streaming service. After that, you can search for a solution capable of helping you do that.    


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