How to Fill Out A Workers Comp Audit Form

How to Fill Out A Workers Comp Audit Form

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage premium is determined using a workers compensation audit report form. Usually, the employer fills out the form and sends it to the insurance provider or the state workers’ compensation board. Although filling out the form may seem difficult, companies can ensure they are paying the correct premium for their workers’ compensation coverage by following the instructions and filling out the form precisely.

Gather the Necessary Information

When filling out the workers compensation audit report form, gather all essential information, such as payroll records, employee classifications, and other relevant paperwork, before filling out the form. This will ensure you have all the data required to complete the form correctly.

Take note of The Policy Period 

The policy period—the date the coverage is in effect—will usually be requested on the form. Make sure you give the correct dates. This is significant since the payroll figures from this time will determine the insurance cost.

Provide Company Information 

Basic firm information will be requested on the workers compensation audit report form, including the legal name, address, and contact details. As the insurance company or state board can contact you if they require further information or have any queries, ensure that this information is correct and up-to-date.

Employee Classifications

The form will include questions regarding the business’s personnel categories, such as office staff, field staff, and executives. Assign each person a proper classification according to their job responsibilities. This is significant since the workers’ compensation coverage rates are assigned differently for various employment classifications. For instance, office professionals may have a lower rate than field workers.

Payroll Information 

Payroll information, such as the total payroll for the company and the total payroll for each employee classification, will be requested on the form. Make sure to include precise numbers. This is crucial since the coverage’s premium will be determined by the payroll data for the policy period.

Additional Information

The number of employees, the number of part-time employees, or the number of subcontracted employees may all be requested on some forms. For these inquiries as well, be sure to give precise numbers. This data may be used to determine the insurance cost or if the business qualifies for any discounts or credits.

Sign and Submit the Form

Make sure you sign and date the form after you’ve finished it, then deliver it to the correct organization (the insurance provider or the state workers’ compensation board). A copy of the completed form should also be kept for your records.

Please take the time to accurately and thoroughly fill out the Workers’ Compensation Audit Form, as it is an essential document. Inaccurate premium estimates brought on by inaccurate information may cause the employer to overpay or underpay for workers’ compensation insurance. The business may experience financial hardship as a result, and the employer may run the danger of breaking state law.

It’s also crucial to realize that a workers’ compensation audit is a continuous procedure that must be carried out regularly. The audit form is often completed annually, and if the company’s payroll data vary, so may the premium computation. Employers should be prepared to give the insurance company or state board any new information.


The workers compensation audit report form is essential for calculating the right premium for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It is crucial to remember that the form needs to be meticulously filled out because improper or missing information can result in incorrect premium calculations. It’s also crucial to recognize that the audit procedure is continuous, and companies should be ready to give the insurance provider or state board new information as needed. 


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