Ramneek Sidhu – Social Media Influencer

Ramneek Sidhu – Social Media Influencer

Ramneek Sidhu is a social media influencer who has a massive following on Instagram. She posts photos, videos, and updates about her life and career, and also shares the stories of her family and friends. Her followers are amazed by her unique personality, her beautiful images, and her impressive skills. It’s no wonder that her account has over 1.7 million followers. This is a big deal, especially when it comes to social networking.

Successful Digital Marketing Guru & Entrepreneur

Ramneek Sidhu is a successful digital marketing guru and entrepreneur. He is currently the founder of Digital Kings, a marketing agency that helps businesses grow their social media presence. His company has offices in India and Dubai, and plans to expand to Canada. Having built an extensive network on social media platforms, he has become a popular influencer.

The 27-year-old is a digital marketer who has worked with big names in the tech industry. He has also written articles for Forbes and Entrepreneur. He has a passion for technology and is constantly updating his skills.

Several Advertising Groups

Before he started his business, he worked for a local company. After he finished his studies, he worked with several advertising groups. It was at this time that he decided to turn his passion for technology into a career.


If you are a fan of the digital world, you may have heard of Ramneek Sidhu, one of the top Digital Marketing Strategists in India. With a passion for technology, this young entrepreneur has helped many companies build their digital presence. He is currently a Co-Founder and CEO of the company Digital Kings. Aside from being a leader in the digital marketing industry, he is also a passionate traveler.

Middle Class Family

Originally from Mohali, Punjab, Ramneek was raised in a middle class family. As a child, he had a passion for technology. His grandfather inspired him to get into the digital industry. During his college years, he enrolled in a course in digital marketing.

India and Dubai

After graduation, he worked for several advertising groups. After a few years, he founded Digital Kings. This company now has branches in India and Dubai. It provides a variety of services to help clients grow their digital presence. Some of his clients include Bollywood celebrities.

Field of Digital Marketing

A young man named Ramneek Sidhu has carved a name for himself in the field of digital marketing. He is the founder of Digital Kings, a company that provides various services to clients in the tech industry. They specialize in social media, web design, branding, and movie promotion.

Computer Science & Bachelor’s Degree

Having a background in computer science and a bachelor’s degree in business management, Ramneek started his career as a head of digital in a local company. But he soon decided to set up his own company. His success was based on dedication and hard work.

While studying, Ramneek got interested in the field of digitalization. After he completed his studies, he worked at a company for three years. However, he was not satisfied with the 9-to-5 job. So, he took a leap of faith and set up his own business.

Social Media Accounts & Boost Brand Awareness

The young entrepreneur Ramneek Sidhu is making his mark in the digital industry. He helps clients grow their social media accounts and boost brand awareness. Aside from his work as a digital marketer, he has also been involved in philanthropy. This makes him a great inspiration for other young people.

As a young entrepreneur, Ramneek has been able to achieve success even despite not having a college degree. He was able to start his business with only a small investment of $10,000. However, he remained determined to succeed. His dedication to his dreams has helped him become a successful entrepreneur.

Punjab University

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Ramneek was a travel photographer. After graduating from high school, he went on to study at the Punjab University. During his time there, he met his wife, Navjot. Together, they had two sons.

Instagram Account

If you’re a fan of Indian celebrities, then you’ll love Ramneek Sidhu. The social media guru is a digital marketing expert who has built an enormous following on Instagram. He uses the platform to help Bollywood celebrities build their social media presence and stay ahead of the competition.

In his personal life, Ramneek Sidhu is a businessman who enjoys travel. He often posts photos of himself with his girlfriend Aashna Birla on social media.

Final Words:

Before he launched his own business, Ramneek studied computer science, business and marketing. He was inspired by Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. He also worked in the financial sector.

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