The Real Story of Dominican-Born Supermodel Suzy Perez

The Real Story of Dominican-Born Supermodel Suzy Perez

A young, Dominican-born model named Suzy Perez has a life that most of us will never know. Her early childhood is not typical for a child of her age, and she was involved with drugs and alcohol at a very young age. In addition, she lost custody of her son because of her addiction. She shares her story with us in this article.

Millions of Magazines & Music Videos

When Suzy Perez moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic to pursue her dream of being a model, she was a huge success. She appeared in millions of magazines and music videos around the world.

Successful Career

However, after a successful career, Suzy was hit by drug addiction and mental health issues. Her body grew accustomed to drugs, and she would eat food found in trash cans. In addition, she was also raped on a daily basis.

After battling heroin and cocaine for several years, Suzy decided to leave the modeling industry and become a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, she lost custody of her son after her mother died.

Suzy’s Family

When Suzy’s family tried to get her into a rehabilitation facility, she refused. The family then had to take her to an out of state facility, where she was able to receive the help she needed.

Mental & Physical Problems

Suzy Perez was one of the most celebrated models of the nineteen nineties. She had an incredible body and was a duvet lady for thousands of magazines worldwide. But her life took a turn for the worse when she started to struggle with mental and physical problems.

Suzy is an alleged heroin addict who has been struggling with addiction for many years. In fact, her family is appealing to the public for donations to help Suzy recover from her addiction. The former model has been homeless for a while.

The family of Suzy has tried to get her into rehab, but she has refused. Moreover, she has been living in poor conditions. Her family has tried to find out a facility out of state that would accommodate her.

Suzy Perez was an established model in the nineteen nineties. She was known for her long black hair and incredible body. Her photographs were featured in many popular music videos and fashion magazines. Eventually, Suzy became a backup dancer for superstars like Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy.

Heroin Addiction

But, in recent years, Suzy has been struggling with heroin addiction. It has wrecked havoc on her physical and mental health. Now, Suzy is living on the streets.

Suzy’s family is desperately seeking help to save her. Their goal is to get her into a rehab facility. As a result, they turned to the public for help.

One person who has been attempting to help Suzy is Joshua Williams, the nephew of actress Kate Hudson. He has been sharing clips of Suzy’s old videos with big stars.

Most Famous Models in the 90s

Suzy Perez was one of the most famous models in the 90s. She was known for her long, black hair and caramel complexion. Her photos were often featured in urban magazines. As she grew older, she developed a tolerance for narcotics.

Suzy was a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez. She starred in music videos for top American musicians, and had a lucrative modeling career. However, her life went downhill after she was involved in a relationship. A few months later, she disappeared and was found living on the streets of New York City.

She is now homeless and begging for money. Many of the people who live in her neighborhood give her food. The family of Suzy Perez is seeking donations to help her fight her addiction.

Dominican Born Model

Several years ago, Suzy Perez, a Dominican born model, had a very successful career as a model. She was famous for her long black hair and her amazing physique. In addition, she was also featured in many music videos by popular musicians.

But, recently, the media has been focusing on a lesser known fact: Suzy’s son is now being taken care of by her former partner. The reason is that she was diagnosed with an illness that causes her to become drugged and incoherent. Her condition has led to loss of custody of her son.

Last Words:

Suzy’s family has been desperate for help in getting her back on her feet. So, they went looking for an out-of-state rehab center. However, the supermodel refused to take part in any treatment.


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