Sunniest Cities in the US

Sunniest Cities in the US

Vitamin D is ultra important to the human body and some cities see more of it than others. Here are the sunniest places in the U.S. for all of us who love that life-giving star up in the sky.

Key West, Florida

You can probably guess that most of this list is going to be cities closer to the equator. Key West is the most southern U.S. point on the continent besides Hawaii. With sandy beaches and crystal clear water, it would be a dream to live in this Florida town. Many people come here to escape the cold temperatures of the northern states during the winter months. Others live here year-round enjoying everything this beach town has to offer.

However, desirable living locations tend to be a bit more expensive. The cost of living in Key West is about 50% more expensive than the rest of the U.S. and even about 45% more expensive than Florida as a whole. So a vacation to the area may be more attainable to the average American. But even visiting is well worth it. 

It’s recommended that the house of Ernest Hemmingway is a must-see when you’re in town. It is now a museum and one of the most picturesque examples of the historic homes that are popular in the Old Town district of the Keys. For another unique experience, plan a trip well in advance to visit the Dry Tortugas National Park located on the archipelago islands. It’s one of the largest undisturbed tropical ecosystems left on the planet. 

El Paso, Texas

This city may not be the first you think of when it comes to Texas, but it should be the first you think of when it comes to sunny cities. Texas experiences on average 297/365 sunny days a year. The climate of El Paso is a dry, arid, desert climate that makes it easy for warm weather lovers to soak up all this town has to offer.

Besides being one of the warmest and sunniest cities, it’s a desirable place to settle down. This is a dense suburban area with homes averaging around $220,000. The national average in the last quarter of 2022 is $350,000. Many residents rave about the school system as well. It ranks highly among the national public school sector every year.

If the weather and the prices can’t convince you to visit, then stop at the El Paso Museum of Art, the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens, or the National Border Patrol Museum. This way you can still enjoy the city but stay out of the sun! We know not everyone loves it as much as us.

Phoenix, Arizona

Some folks aren’t into the excessive sunny days because with the sun comes heat. And some folks really are not built to be in the heat all year. Phoenix is sunny 85% of the year with an average of 300/365 sunny days. The city has the nickname “The Valley of the Sun” for this exact reason. In Phoenix, residents love their dry, bright hometown. If you happen to be in the market and love warm weather, check out what apartments are for rent in Pheonix

Living here you will experience nature firsthand. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, and exploring on quads are all popular activities in Phoenix. Papago Park and South Mountain Park and Preserve are the two most popular parks in the area. If you’re hoping to be closer to people rather than nature, downtown Pheonix is where it’s at.

Check out the Heard Museum or the Phoenix Art Museum. Afterward, visit one of the many dining establishments or cafes nearby. Don’t worry, you will be able to find something besides Mexican-American. This city knows how to appeal to everyone, not just those who want to live a desert lifestyle. However, if desert life is the life for you, you’ll be feeling at home in no time. 


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