NetbaseQuid Discuss Social Media Analytics That Can Make Your Drug Launch Successful

You’re just weeks away from launching your company’s new drug! But you’ve been so busy working on the development of the drugs that it’s hard to keep up with all things marketing. It would be great if you could know how well your new drug will do before it gets released, but that’s not possible. To help you improve the success of your drug launch, we’ve put together a list of social media analytics that you can use.

1. Google Analytics

This tool is great because it allows you to discover what people say about the drug that will be released. It also allows you to see who’s talking about your drugs, which includes everything from who is talking about them in a positive light to who is talking about them in a negative light. This is useful because you can use this data to target your advertising strategy to those people who talk positively about your drugs.

2. Followerwonk

This allows you to get more information about people who are talking about your drug. It also helps you find their information using the Twitter API, which helps you find what the person does for a living, where they went to school and other little bits of information that might help you. By doing so, you can use that information to help you target your advertising plan for your new drug.

3. Quora

When people talk about your new drug on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook, they might ask questions that will give you insight into how they feel about your drug. Quora is an excellent site for finding these questions and determining what the public is wondering about your drug. These questions can give you an idea of what to do before your drug launch or what to have already done by the launching day.

4. Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool

When advertising for your newly released drugs, you’ll want to choose the right keywords to ensure that the right people are seeing your ads. This tool can help you find keywords that people might search for when they want more information on your drug, which will help increase the sales of your newly released drugs.

5. Pinterest Analytics

If you have many users looking at your product and you’re wondering why they don’t make any purchases, Pinterest analytics can be a great place to find out what’s stopping them from making a purchase. For example, if people are only looking at your product but not buying it, one of the reasons could be that the people you’re advertising to are not interested in this kind of product.

6. Wiselytics

This analytics tool allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. There are two different ways to use this tool: you can use it to make sure that your social media advertising is reaching the right people and helping you sell your product, or you can use it to see which of your competitors has a better marketing strategy. When trying to sell a new product, it’s essential to keep up with your competitors. Without this tool, you may be unable to track what they’re doing.

7. Promorepublic

If your company is a minor pharmaceutical company, you might not have the budget to advertise your new drug. This tool lets you stay in contact with your customers and see what they’re talking about and if they’re buying. It also allows you to send out customer surveys that will give you feedback on the kinds of things people are looking for in the drugs that are being advertised.

Which Tool to Use? 

You can use plenty of social media analytics tools to launch a drug successfully. However, you might not always know the right tool to use. That is why at NetbaseQuid, we help you figure out the right tool to use to ensure you have a successful drug launch and increased future sales. Be sure to contact us

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