SepStream – Reduce Business Continuity Risks With SepStream

SepStream – Reduce Business Continuity Risks With SepStream

Sepstream allows doctors to upload data from their charts directly into the software. This eliminates the need for error-prone phone calls between different doctor offices and expedites workflow. The routing rules that are available in Sepstream also allow users to share studies across organizations and locations. Additionally, Sepstream sends studies directly to PACS and modalities, eliminating the need for paper documents.

Cloud-based PACS system

Investing in a cloud-based PACS system is a great way to streamline your workflow and reduce your business continuity risks. Sepstream partners with world-class manufacturers of performance medical devices and technology solutions to provide seamless PACS access from anywhere. This comprehensive system eliminates the need for multiple systems and databases, giving your staff the best possible experience.

The SepStream Cloud-based PACS system is easy to install and requires minimal customization. It is a cost-effective solution that is ready to use in minutes. You’ll have access to patient images and videos wherever you have an Internet connection. Moreover, this PACS system is compatible with any DICOM modality.

Another key benefit of a Cloud-based PACS is that it eliminates the hassles of managing PACS servers. Cloud-based servers are managed by a trusted service provider. Moreover, they follow HIPAA regulations and Health-Level 7 (HL7) transmission protocols.


Whether you need an EMR/RIS/PACS solution for your practice, SepStream can help you get there. SepStream has many great features, and it can scale up and down easily. This means extra traffic won’t impact your system, and you can add users as your practice grows.

SepStream can be accessed from multiple locations, including tablets and smartphones. Its cloud-based architecture enables secure and convenient remote communication, which saves time in back-office duties. It also streamlines radiologists’ workflow and increases productivity. All this makes Sepstream a cost-effective solution for any healthcare facility.

Sepstream’s cloud-based PACS allows physicians to access patient images anytime, anywhere. This helps improve patient care and reduces business continuity risk. Because it runs in the cloud, there is no installation or customization required. Its simple, easy-to-use interface also means it’s easy to use and implement.


Scalability is an important consideration for medical practices, and the Sepstream platform is designed to handle complex medical imaging workflows. Its multi-platform architecture makes it possible to access data from anywhere, and it allows users to scale up and down as needed. Sepstream is flexible enough to handle additional traffic without sacrificing quality. This means that practices of any size can use Sepstream to increase their capacity and improve their workflows.

When it comes to scalability, there are many different approaches to achieving it. One approach involves refactoring existing code to reduce complexity and maximize memory usage. Another is to segment components into micro-services. These are typically separated by nouns or verbs, and they should have their own non-shared data sets.


SepStream is a cloud-based picture archive and communication system. It offers all the services of a traditional PACS system at a single low cost. This makes it easy for radiologists to get the information they need anytime and anywhere. Sepstream’s PACS system makes back-office duties more manageable by centralizing data. With the help of Sepstream’s RIS, radiologists can increase productivity and save time.

Sepstream has a comprehensive employer presence. Many human resource groups and recruiting directors use Sepstream to find qualified candidates. The application process is quick and easy. This is an ideal way to secure a dream job. Here’s a look at how Sepstream’s landing page works: The top-level navigation features help users easily find jobs they’re interested in.

Sepstream also offers secure offline access to images and videos. Its cloud-based PACS offers no installation or customization, making it extremely easy to use and implement. This means reduced implementation times and minimal investment.


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