6 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

6 Reasons Your Ecommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

If eCommerce apps seem like a feature of the distant future, here’s a statistic that might raise a few eyebrows: $6.1 billion. That number is what analysts predict businesses will spend marketing eCommerce apps this year. 

Is it worth investing time and money in a new mobile app for your eCommerce business? Here are six advantages you might not have considered to help you answer that question. 

1. Growing Customer Demand 

Mobile app use has grown significantly in the past decade. Take banking, for example. That’s predicted to grow by 15% a year between now and 2030. 

People are getting used to managing everything on their phones, from banking to schedule management. Now, they’ve turned their attention to online shopping too.

If you want to keep up with customer demand, your e-commerce business needs an app. 

2. It Helps You Connect With Customers 

Great marketing starts with an excellent communication strategy. Are you talking with your customers as much as you should? 

Mobile app development can give you another vital avenue for customer communication. Maybe that’s a shipment notification or by sharing a voucher code with them the next time they log on.

Whatever your marketing team wants to do, an eCommerce app will make it easier to achieve. 

3. It’s More Usable  

Most of us prefer browsing via an app instead of a mobile version of a website. It’s easy to use, intuitive in layout, and fast. 

User experience is becoming more important for customers. If they visit a slow, confusing or clunky website, it only takes seconds to click away and find a competitor.  

When you build an eCommerce app, you will help ensure your customers stay loyal to you.

4. You Can Boost Your Revenue 

Customers will buy more when you make like easy and convenient for them.

So when you build an app for your e-commerce business, you’ll discover that it is a fantastic way to boost your sales and even increase cart value by adding features such as upsells.

Whatever you spend on apps, you get back in the long term by the revenue opportunities it offers.  

5. You Could Counter a Decline in Web Traffic 

You might have healthy traffic numbers and think an app is not high on your list of priorities. However, let’s consider the long-term trends.

As people increasingly switch to mobile browsing and apps, could you see a long-term decline in web traffic? It’s possible, but investing in app development will help replace that loss with app traffic, so you don’t lose out.  

6. You’ll Develop Brand Loyalty 

Customers who have taken the time to download your app are less likely to download your competitors. If you can provide a slick, usable interface, they are also more likely to use your app regularly. It will help you develop strong brand loyalty.  

Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for a Mobile App?

Isn’t it time you took one step forward with your eCommerce business and looked at investing in the next big thing? The benefits of an app are too tempting for an ambitious company to ignore. 

Now’s the time to get started. And you can begin the initial part of that process by requesting a free call with one of the app development experts. Book a call now by heading here.


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