How do Architects Design Buildings

How do Architects Design Buildings

Architecture is a detailed and comprehensive study of designing buildings. The process that architects go through is extensive, elaborate, and full of minute details. The course of designing that an architect takes is not as simple as people think. From the clients’ vague ideas and imagination to putting a reality onto the ground, an architect has so much effort. Architects are taught to be creative; they are artistic-minded people who extend their imaginative thoughts to create something new. Architects not only design the appearance but also design the underneath details of construction. Here are some basic steps of how an architect works to design a building.

Pre-Designing Phase

This is the first stage of design process. Pre-designing phase is when the architect has a detailed meeting with clients and they mutually brief and discuss the design plan. Pre-designing phase is also known as the programming phase, during which an architect gathers information regarding the building site or existing home, and describes the scope, features, purpose, and functionality of the site where he has to work on.

Schematic Design

This is where the paperwork begins. The architect draws the rough layouts of the proposed designs. The graphical representation has become so strong now that most architects are using computer-aided 3D designs to manifest their work. Different devices and software are available to generate 3D drawings. The new architecture students can consult latest MacBook at digiDirect to practice for the schematic designing phase.

Design Development

This phase is where the ideas are implemented into reality. The final schematic design is approved by the authorities, and it is reached a level where its practical shape can be constructed. Design development also involves discussion with team members and the construction workers, and the technical and mechanical aspects are also detailed. The architect will also prepare scale floor plans and building elevations for initial review and approval. The three-dimensional models of the building would suggest each detail for electric points to the gutter holes that would be incorporated into the final look.

Construction Drawings

The architectural work is mostly done and communicated through drawings. The construction designs are commonly known as CDs. During this phase, the architect formulates drawings appropriate for license submittal and construction. The construction drawings set the parameters for the building process, and communicate the whole plan that the construction workers have to put on the ground. Once the construction drawings are finalized, the client can expect to see the elevation soon on the ground.

Architecture is a deep study; it requires hard work and determination. The path that an architect adopts to complete the given task is strenuous. Though the computer and technology have eased the task of the architects through the diversity of software and graphical visuals, the architects still have to put much effort to process their imagination into reality. Architects don’t only design the physical but also are responsible for developing psychological aspects of a building, and communicating the emotional value of a construction piece.


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