Necessity of Parenting Classes to Stop Parents Giving Up on Their Child

As parents there are uncountable responsibilities and it is not easy for every couple to fulfil them. So, here the question arises: do they need good preparation and training? The answer is yes, they need proper training, at least beginners do. Parenting Classes are very necessary for the bright and proper growth of the child especially in his/her student life. This makes parents able enough to take care of their kid’s education also. For example, if the kid asks about any term from his/her syllabus like LMS full form, then parents will be able to define LMS full form to their kids. Parents have also managed and integrated an essential part of their parental responsibilities which includes planning and execution just like ERP process.  So, let’s talk about the steps of good parenting which nurture the student life of the child. 

First of all, it starts with basics. When the very first time a couple becomes parent then doesn’t matter from what economical background, or family status they come from, they have to learn how to feed and take good care of the child’s health because this basic thing will decide the physical and mental growth of the child and his/her future in his/her academics. This above stated first lesson of parenting classes will be faced by parents in every stage of physical growth of child just need will be different according to age. In the next step of parenting class, parents need to learn how to stay up-to-date with facts and new research and their beneficial or harmful results. Such as till now very few people know that even an indicative and unclear language has a name “naming” because without knowing the name of objects they name it in their own way. 

Parenting is exhausting sometimes and it gives pain also when as a parent we see our child failing and in pain. Sometimes your own kid, especially a teenager, pushes you away from him/her and doesn’t want to discuss any of his/her issues whether personal or related to school and seems frustrated and angry all the time. But here patience gathered in experience of so many years works and you don’t have to give up at all, keep trying to penetrate his/her self-created firewall and help your child as you want to. As a parent you should have ample knowledge to make a favourable learning environment around your child. You should know that schools should be safe and inclusive and if there is any issue which your child is facing then in the parents’ teacher meeting you can have a discussion over it and seek help from school management and tutors to solve it. World is not a Bollywood movie where everything becomes okay at last. So, if no one listens to you among school authorities at intermediate level then again don’t give up and make contact at a higher level like a regional office or head office. It is a matter of your child’s future; you need to make efforts tirelessly. You don’t have to start any revolution, just as a good parent you have to make efforts to create a favourable environment around your child and make it safe. 

To support your child, you can listen to him/her and give him/her the chance to express his emotions and feelings, to discuss his/her several issues regarding school curriculum and teaching method, or any other issue which is becoming hurdle in his/her learning, let him/hr vent it out so that you can find out the solution and bring back the interest of your child in learning and education. This supports the child just like the tool school management software. Because school management software supports the whole school administration in order to maintain the teaching-learning process. It is you as parents whom your child will follow his/her whole life so, show them how to fight with difficulties of life and rise as a winner. Demonstrate your positive and negative experience in front of your child through which they can learn that getting angry, frustrated and giving up is very easy but it gives nothing but loss whereas staying calm, positive and firm in negative situations can provide you success sure and certain. As a parent, whatever you find out about your child, discuss this with tutors so as to make arrangements to make learning easier for your child. Parents need to make such creative efforts to support their child instead of giving up on him/her being exhausted.

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