A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Social Media Presence

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Social Media Presence

Instagram marketing is a form of digital advertising that involves promoting brands on that platform. Because this social media platform makes it easier to connect with large audiences, using it to full effect can increase brand awareness and boost sales, but only if companies get everything right. Find out about the basics of Instagram marketing to get started.

Why Instagram Marketing Is Important

Business owners and marketing experts alike know how important it is to get a good return on investment from advertising. Social media marketing, including Instagram marketing, offers a fantastic ROI. It helps to strengthen brand recognition, improve popularity and engagement, and grow a brand’s audience to create new opportunities.

How to Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

It takes more to start engaging with audience members and creating trust in brands than just setting up a business account on Instagram. Developing an effective marketing strategy is the key to maximizing reach. To build a brand on Instagram, start by:

  1. Setting actionable goals
  2. Defining the target audience
  3. Analyzing competitors’ strategies
  4. Creating a business account
  5. Designing a content strategy
  6. Creating a consistent aesthetic
  7. Developing a content calendar
  8. Growing a solid base of followers
  9. Turning followers into loyal customers

It takes some serious work to get a new Instagram business account off the ground, but the payoff is worth the investment. Business owners who want to give their brands a better chance may also want to look into buying Instagram likes, views, or followers. As long as they buy from trusted companies that don’t violate Instagram’s terms of service, doing so is well worth the investment.

How to Grow an Instagram Audience

There are plenty of well-established marketing techniques designed specifically for improving social media presence, and it’s better to follow established plans rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. To take Instagram presence to the next level, try the following strategies.

Embrace User-Generated Content

User-generated content boosts brands’ conversion rates, engagement, and even click-through rates for paid advertisements. Brands that need to build an online presence quickly often work with social media influencers who already have well-established audiences.

Cross-Post Content

Sharing Instagram posts on Facebook and other social media sites can boost a brand’s overall social media presence. Images posted on Facebook via Instagram perform better than single-platform posts on either channel.

Make Use of Stories

It’s common for companies new to Instagram to ignore the Stories function thinking that, because the content disappears after 24 hours, it won’t be very useful. In fact, posting to Instagram Stories offers a great opportunity for posting unpolished, life-like content that engages audiences more effectively. Plus, Stories can be added to the Highlights section so they don’t disappear forever.

Get Started Now

It takes time to get an Instagram marketing campaign off the ground, and no brand should expect to maximize its social media presence overnight. Get started now by creating a business account and establishing an effective marketing strategy. It’s well worth the time, energy, and investment.


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