Medio Tiempo: Cómo Ba La Tabla De La Liga MX 2022?

Medio Tiempo: Cómo Ba La Tabla De La Liga MX 2022?

Medio Tiempo Cigars

What is medio tiempo? It is a tobacco varietal. You’ll find out about this small-leaf tobacco and the cigar version in this article. Also, learn about the leaf. Regardless of your smoking preference, this tobacco will be a good fit for you. This cigar is a nice smoke for those who enjoy a mild cigar. Listed below are some characteristics of medio cigars.

The term “medio tiempo” is Spanish for “half time,” and it describes the leaves that make up the top fourth of the tobacco plant. It occurs in only 10 to 15 percent of all tobacco plants. Because Medio Tiempo leave receives more light than the other leave, they are typically left on the plant for a long period of time. When they are harvested, these leave are very strong and sweet.


The leaves of medio cigars are typically small, rough, and thick. Unlike many tobacco varietals, these leaves are usually used as fillers. A good tobacco varietal for a cover leaf should be thick, thin, and easy to burn. One Nicaraguan grower claims that he was able to produce a tobacco varietal that could produce a good wrapper.

Small Leaf Tobacco

Medio is a type of small leaf tobacco that contains a high concentration of tobacco oil. This leaf is found on the top of the tobacco plant and is a more robust leaf than its counterpart, the ligero leaf. It is very small and is difficult to spot during the classification process. To be eligible for this category, the leaves must meet certain criteria. They must be thick and rich in oil.

Fifteen Percent of Tobacco Plants

Medio is a category of leaves used as filler in cigars. It has traditionally been considered part of the Ligero leaf. It makes up about ten to fifteen percent of tobacco plants. The name medio refers to its leaves, which are thicker than the Ligero leaf. This leaf is left on the plant for 50 percent longer than other leaf types. It has a strong flavor and is used for blending.

The La Gloria Cubana Medio is a five-nation blend that delivers a unique blend of flavors and intensity. It is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic. It has an elegant, medium-bodied profile, and its flavors range from roasted nuts to coffee. This cigar’s complexities and strength are well worth the price. If you’re considering a new cigar, it’s worth trying the Medio.

Affordable Option

A medium-bodied cigar is a great choice for a beginner, and you’ll find that the cost is reasonable, making it an affordable option. This cigar has good flavor and smooth smoke, as well as noticeable transitions. Unlike its lighter cousin, the made from a higher-leaf tobacco plant than the ligero variety. Besides its reasonable price, it also has solid construction and combustion.

Robust Profile

The medio is a brand of tobacco. This brand of the cigar has a robust profile, making it ideal for cigar smokers who are looking for something a little different from their usual smoke. The cigar leaf itself is not a new one, and it exist long before the Behike was introduced. The word media literally translates to “half-time,” and it refers to a certain type of leaf. These leaves are larger and thicker than the more common Ligero leaf and have a stronger flavor than Ligero. It is nearly a result of a botany process that yields this type of tobacco leaf.

Sensitivity & Knowledge

In general, Medio-Tiempo leaves are more expensive than Ligero leaves, and they don’t grow on plants as gifts. Instead, they develop depending on the quality of treatment used by the cultivator. With sensitivity and knowledge, knowledgeable growers can produce a good number of these leaves. The Medio-tiempo leaf is a popular choice among smokers.

Category of Leaves

The Medio tobacco leaf is a category of leaves that are used in cigars. These leaves are traditionally classified as part of the Ligero leaf family and form the top fourth of the tobacco plant. These leaves are thicker and tend to produce a more robust flavor than other tobacco leaves. They also last 50% longer on the plant than other leaves. The high oils and organic fraction in these leaves contribute to the strength and flavor of the cigars.

Final Words:

Although the tobacco plant’s Ligero leaves are the most popular, Medio leaves add character to cigars. These leave are much more expensive than Ligero leaves and can not be bought as gift. They develop on the plant in relation to the cultivator’s treatment. The highest-quality cultivators can produce a decent amount of Medio Tiempo leaves.


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