Things to Know Before Moving to Richmond Hill

Things to Know Before Moving to Richmond Hill

As one of the renowned parts of the York region, there are many unique things about Richmond Hill. If moving to Richmond Hill is something you are planning or even considering, then you should be aware of these things before making the move or deciding to do so. We will fill you in on some of the things to know before moving to this part of Canada and so you should keep reading.

Perks of Living in Richmond Hill

Situated in the York Region, Richmond Hill stands out for many good reasons and some of them include the fact that:

It Boasts of a Culturally Diverse Center

For several reasons, immigrants from various parts of the world like to settle down in this area. As a result, it is one of the most culturally diverse parts of the York Region, Ontario, and Canada at large.

In many regards, this is an advantage as the area is accommodating to all and sundry. For example, there are support groups to help immigrants sort out language learning, employment, and a lot more.

There are Employment Opportunities

Your location improves or adversely affects your chances of getting employed in Canada. In light of this, this is a great place to live and this explains why many people (especially immigrants) move to Richmond Hill.

There are so many employment opportunities as many products and services providers across various industries have made this place their base. For example, the tech community here is growing in leaps and bounds.

Other than tech companies, there are employers in finance & insurance, information & culture, health, professional services, and more. Many renowned companies have operations here. Some of them include – BMW, Compugen, Apotex, OpenText, and Staples.

Things to Know about Richmond Hill

Prior to moving to Richmond Hill, knowledge of some things will make sure you are not caught by surprise. On that note, some of the things to know before you move to Richmond Hill include the following:

Real Estate Properties are Expensive

Maybe you are not a fan of renting and would rather buy a property in Richmond Hill. This is good except that property prices in Richmond Hill are on the high side. Based on a recent report, property prices have gone up at least by 12 percent. Even renting a property in Richmond Hill is expensive but the rate is better than in some other cities.

Several Areas to Settle Down In

If you decide to move to Richmond Hill, you would still have to be more specific. This is because there are several areas within Richmond Hill where you can make your base.

Some of the areas include Bayview North, Elgin Mills, Oak Ridges, Doncrest, Headford, Mill Pond, Bayview Hill, Richvale, and Hillsview. You should know what living in these parts of Richmond Hill entails and make the right choice.

Traffic Can be Heavy

With many commercial activities going on in Richmond Hill and many residents in this part of the York region, you could face heavy traffic. This is especially during peak hours.

For those moving their belongings into or around Richmond Hill when relocating, this is why it is better to engage local Richmond Hill movers. They know the routes well and can make the most of alternative routes to avoid being held up in traffic.

This is other than the fact that their expertise and experience as professional movers will make moving easier.

There Are No Tertiary Institutions in Richmond Hill

Although you can find satellite campuses of some tertiary institutions, the municipality does not have a tertiary institution. However, there are options for those in search of elementary and high schools in this area.

Fun Things to Do in Richmond Hill

For those in search of fanfare, the municipality promises a lot. Here are a few of the fun things you can do here:

Enjoy Performing Arts at Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts

This is a venue providing a platform for many performing arts events. You can visit this place during one of the events and have a nice time.

Make the Most of Nightlife

Here in Richmond Hill, a whole new day starts at night as many nightclubs, bars, pubs, and even restaurants beam with life. You can set out to enjoy yourself at night.

Explore the Natural Landscape and Nature at Large

You would find a couple of interesting places if you love the idea of hiking. Some of such places include Saigeon Trail walkways, Rouge River Headwaters Walk, Oak Ridges Trail, and a few others. Hiking in these areas would allow you to explore the rich natural landscape and nature at large.


We have gone over some of the things to know before moving to Richmond Hill. Now that you know the perks of living in the area; fun things to do there; and information to avoid being caught unawares, make good use of this information going forward.


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