Step by Step Guide to Become a Registered Investment Advisor

Step by Step Guide to Become a Registered Investment Advisor

Investment advisors are those individuals who provide advice and assistance on all monetary topics like financial planning and investment strategies to clients. To begin a career as an investment advisor in India, you must get a certificate of registration from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). 

SEBI is the market regulator that looks after securities and commodities in India. The Ministry of Finance by the Government of India owns SEBI. It was established on 12 April 1988 as an executive body. It received the statutory powers on 30 January 1992 with the SEBI Act, 1992. 

This article has detailed some key points to become a registered investment advisor

Documents Required to Become a Registered Investment Advisor

Following is a list of the documents required along with the request. 

  • Submit the document as proof of address 
  • Submit the document as proof of Identification
  • Proof of qualification that includes your degrees.
  • Certification from CA mentioning your net assets
  • Income Tax Return for the past three years

Registration With SEBI for Registered Investment Advisor

Here is the following step-by-step process to become a registered investment advisor on the SEBI website:

SEBI Intermediary Portal 

Visit the website online first; then, you will have to click on the Self-Registration option.

Submit the Info 

Fill in the application with complete details. Then, you must click on the ‘proceed’ button. After which, you will be directed to another payment tab. You will have to create your login credentials on the SEBI portal only. 

Make The Payment 

In the next step, you will have to make the payment. Payment options such as internet banking or debit card are available to complete payments. After you click on the payment mode ‘Online’, you must click on the button ‘Proceed to pay’ from where you will be directed to the payment gateway. 

Confirmation Email 

The applicant will get a confirmation email from SEBI that includes the payment and the login credentials receipt. You will get it in the next within 7-10 working days. 

Fill In The Application 

You must use your credentials to log in to your account. After login, you must provide the essential details required in the application. Make sure to link all the documentation and declarations to an application. Plus, you will have to submit the application within 14 days once you get the login credentials. 

Fill Out Form A 

Further, you must log in to the SEBI portal using your credentials, where you will get the option of an investment advisor. You must choose the Navigate to registration option in the drop-down menu. Finally, you can see the registration Form-A with different parts to file and complete. 

Response From SEBI  

Once the application is filed, they will get Contact within one month. If you receive questions from SEBI, reply to them within the given time. 

Registration Certificate 

The applicant will get the receipt of an email from SEBI for granting a registration number by post. They will get a registration certificate by post. All you need to mention is the correct registered address in the application. 

Once you get a registration certificate from SEBI, you can start working as an investment advisor. You must keep yourself updated with the new legislation, the latest news about the circulars & updated guidelines to work constantly without facing any obstacles. Thus, you will have to visit the official SEBI website. It is necessary to follow the reporting requirements by SEBI regularly. The investment advisor should obey the terms and conditions, the renewal rules, and other matters; otherwise, you may be stuck from becoming a principal potential investment advisor.

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