What happened to my LG dryer? Typical causes of noise in LG dryers

What happened to my LG dryer? Typical causes of noise in LG dryers

While some dryer noises are unavoidable during normal use, some are too loud or strange to ignore. Why does my LG dryer make a knocking sound? When the drying cycle begins, the drum rollers, which have become irregularly shaped from inactivity, can make this sound for a moment. With this guide to the different noises and their sources, you can determine why your LG dryer makes the noise during operation.

Note: you can depend on local appliance professionals to handle any LG dryer repair.

When troubleshooting an LG dryer that makes noise, it’s important to distinguish typical noises. The following noises are a common aspect of the appliance work.

LG Dryer Noises Normally

Regardless of how quiet it is, an LG dryer will inevitably make noise when in use. In reality, some sounds are necessary for everyday operation. The following noises from an LG dryer aren’t abnormal:

  • The blower wheel and motor make a soft whirring sound during operation.
  • Wet clothes make that first sound when they are in the dryer drum – it’s a quiet thump. As it dries, the noise should gradually disappear.
  • First squeak or click: During the initial stages of a drying cycle, electrical relays make this short sound.
  • Steam dryers can make a hissing or tearing sound when water from your home’s water supply enters the steam generator.

Sound of Rattling from Dryer

Does your LG dryer make loud, rattling noises during operation? This noise could be caused by metal zippers, buttons, change, or staples while drying. Turn these items inside out and fasten the metal zippers or buttons to prevent the dryer noise. Check and remove any loose items from the pockets of each garment before placing them in the dryer.

LG Dryer Has A Thumping Sound

After a long period of inactivity, you may find your LG dryer making thumping noises. The rubber rollers of the drum, which ensure its smooth rotation, may flatten or deform without frequent use. Flat areas of the rollers may bang when starting the drying cycle. After some time, the heat and impact of the drum should restore them to their original shape and the noise should stop.

LG Dryer Components Fail

If your LG dryer is still making noise, faulty components may be to blame. The following are components that can make a loud noise when they are faulty and need to be professionally replaced:

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  • Drive belt: The dryer drum is encircled by this thin rubber belt, connected to the motor by two pulleys. The belt might fray or rip, which would cause an LG dryer to screech. However, the dryer won’t even turn on if the belt is fully damaged.
  • LG dryer drum bearings are located in the front and rear of the drum and support the weight of the drum as it rotates. The drum will be difficult to move by hand and will rotate with a grinding sound if the bearings wear out over time.
  • Blower wheel: This device blows air through the dryer drum and out the vent. A little piece of clothes or lint getting caught in the wheel might cause it to screech loudly. This noise may also be heard if the wheel is off-balance or malfunctioning.


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