How To Add Music To An Instagram Video

How To Add Music To An Instagram Video

Add Music To An Instagram Video

Do you want to learn how to comprar seguidores instagram portugal? Do you want to know how to post a video to Instagram with music? You are wondering how to add music to an Instagram video? It’s not a problem! check now

I am happy to share my tips and offer guidance on how to use music in Instagram videos. You can use native features on Instagram to create a background music video.

For streaming music, you can also refer to third-party applications, such as Spotify or Spotify. This platform doesn’t need much introduction. Follow the steps I have provided in the next paragraphs with your smartphone or tablet.

How to post a video to Instagram with music in a story or a post

Would you like to upload a video to IG with background music? It is possible, and it can be done in several ways. Let’s get into the details.

Instagram Music function (Android/IOS)

First, I’d like to talk about the Music sticker. This function is already available in Instagram Stories but only in the official social media app for Android and iOS.

The Music sticker can be found in the Instagram mobile app, as I have already mentioned. Let’s find out how to use it. You can access the social network by clicking the icon on your tablet or smartphone’s home screen. comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Next, log into your account and tap the main screen’s camera symbol (the house symbol). The story builder and your device’s camera will launch.

After browsing the media gallery on your device, you can either record a video using the tools in the stories or import a movie by selecting it.

Follow these steps

You have now recorded or selected a video and then imported it into the media gallery. To access the Instagram feature with music tracks, click on the square icon of the smiley faces.

You can add a song to the background during the video recording by searching the search bar and entering the artist’s name or song title. Once the song is found, click on it to play.

You can move the slider to the right or left to select the playlist you want to play. Once you’re done making changes, click Done for the final result.

The ability to save the video to the default media gallery of the device is disabled when you add the Music sticker to your video. You can only share the video on Instagram Stories by tapping the Your Story button.comprar seguidores instagram portugal

You can also choose to only send the video to certain users by pressing the Send button.

Instagram superzoom (Android/iOS)

The Super Zoom tool is one of the native Instagram features that can be used to add music to an Instagram video. It’s also available in stories. This tool allows you to create a short video and then apply the sound effects and sound to it to personalize it.

Let’s look at how it works. Launch the social networking app that is already installed on your device. Next, tap the camera symbol on the main screen to open the Instagram Story Maker media editor.

Next, tap the Super Zoom item in the bar. Scroll down to see the icons on the screen, and you can record a movie with real-time background music and special effects.

Tap Hearts to make the screen fill with pink patinas with lots of hearts. The background music will be romantic.comprar seguidores instagram portugal

Once you’ve recorded your video, it is possible to upload it to Instagram Stories. Click on the Your Story button. Click the Send to button if you wish to share it with a particular user.

If you are in this situation, press the Send button. It will correspond to the user’s name.

You can save the video to your mobile’s multimedia gallery. To upload the video to Instagram, press the down arrow. More info

How to add music to your Instagram video: Third-party apps

You can also use music streaming apps such as Spotify (Android/IOS) and Deezer (Android/IOS), which all come with an optional subscription.

You can also use Amazon Music (Android/IOS) if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. This app lets you access a library of more than 2 million songs and allows you to listen for free.

Spotify (Android/iOS)

This article will discuss how to use Spotify for streaming music. After downloading, opening, logging in, or registering with Spotify, search for the song you wish to use as background music. Tap on it.

You will not be allowed to play the song immediately if Spotify Premium is not installed or the song is not in an unlimited playlist. To play the song, press the shuffle button.

Are you listening to the song you wish to use as background music for your video? You can pause the song by pressing the button that has the symbol.

Next, open the Instagram app by clicking its icon on your device’s home screen or drawer. Continue reading to learn the next steps.



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