Easy Steps to Check Your CIBIL Score

Easy Steps to Check Your CIBIL Score

Checking the CIBIL score or credit score is essential to understanding creditworthiness. If you’re unaware of your creditworthiness, you will not know whether you’re eligible for availing a loan. Therefore, keeping a credit score check is vital to determine whether you can get a bank loan. It is crucial to remember that not everybody gets a bank loan, only the individuals who repay their loan on time and have a good credit score get one. 

How To Get A Good CIBIL Score?

A candidate’s CIBIL score is evaluated based on their credit history. If you make late payments on your loans, spend more than the allowed credit limit, and keep old accounts open, you will get a low CIBIL score. If a national bank is granting a loan, the bank must confirm that the borrower can make timely loan repayments. The CIBIL score gets impacted if an applicant’s bank history doesn’t demonstrate satisfactory results.

A CIBIL score is evaluated between 300 and 900. The lowest score, 300, is regarded as poor, while the highest score, 900, is considered excellent. Anywhere between this range is considered to be an average score. To be eligible for a bank loan, you must increase your CIBIL or credit score and keep it within the 800 range. 

If you’re wondering how to improve CIBIL score and whether it is possible to check the score, you can perform the credit score check and implement the following ways to improve it. 

  • Try to clear all the credit card dues.
  • Limit the credit utilization upto 30%.
  • Stay updated with the credit score check.
  • Keep the records of the old debt on the report.
  • Apply for one credit line at a time. 

What Are The Steps To Follow For A Credit Score Check?

Now you know what a good credit score is and how to improve CIBIL score. But if you’re not sure whether you can check a credit score online or not, you can. You need to go through a step-by-step process for an effective credit score check. 

The service provider or the lender performs a credit score check to understand your financial history and access information on payment habits, existing and past credit, and loan type. Although they don’t necessarily expect to see a brilliant credit score, they majorly check the red flags – untimely payments and stability of account usage. Therefore, you must perform a credit score check and maintain it to show a good report to the lender. Here’s how you can check the score. 

  1. Visit the official website of CIBIL and apply for a credit report. 
  2. For the application, you must provide a passport, ration card, Aadhar Card, and PAN details.
  3. For the third step of the credit score check, you need to show an address proof. You can choose to show a utility bill, passport, Aadhaar card, and electoral photo identity card as proof of address.
  4. Scan all the above documents and upload them. Ensure that the scanned documents are clear.
  5. Pay a minimal amount for the online report. 
  6. Within 24 hours, the documents will get verified, and you’ll get the credit report via mail. 

Many websites offer the facility of performing a credit score check for free. So, search for a reliable website if you want a free check. Remember, since you’ll be putting in personal details on the website, choose the right website so that your personal information stays private. 


So these are the steps through which you can perform a credit score check and work towards improving it if it is lower than required. By following these steps, you can check your score online at any convenient time. 


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