Here are 5 famous museums you can visit via virtual tours

Here are 5 famous museums you can visit via virtual tours

The beauty of the internet is it can take you practically anywhere in the world. And now, with a few clicks, virtual tours bring museums from around the world to your computer screen.

There’s been a significant change in how people see museums in recent years. With more art available online than ever, some might argue that there’s no need to visit a museum anymore — or at least not as often as we have been.

But there are good reasons to go, even if you’re not a big museum-goer. Curators and other museum professionals have long debated the value of in-person visits —

some say virtual visits aren’t good enough because they don’t allow visitors to experience the art in person. In contrast, others believe virtual tours are an appropriate way of experiencing art and culture online.

Virtual tours are an effective way for museums to reach people in areas without access to museum facilities, such as developing countries.

This is a beneficial strategy when people want to experience art but don’t have the money or resources for a trip.

We can each make up our minds about where we stand on that debate. But whatever you think about museums themselves.

There’s no denying the power of virtual Duomo Florence Tours to bring them into your home and let you see inside. If you’re interested in exploring the art world, these websites offer unique and exciting ways of doing it.

Here are ten great museums you can visit via virtual tours.

The Vatican Museums:

The Vatican Museum is one of the largest museums in the world, and it’s home to some of history’s most famous works — like Michelangelo’s “Pieta.” With this virtual tour, you can see around 50 different galleries on your schedule.

The British Museum:

The British Museum offers virtual Sagrada Familia Tours of its Asian and Ancient Egypt galleries, with audio clips that give a healthy dose of history along the way.

The Louvre:

If you find yourself in Paris and have a little time to spare, don’t miss the Louvre museum Tour. The world’s most renowned art gallery and perhaps.

The European city’s leading tourist attraction, it is also one of its most miniature museums.

Opened as a royal palace in 1793, it was converted into a museum ten years later. Its collection has grown so vast that only about 1% of the works can be displayed.

At any given time (and much more remains in storage). Although it is not as well known to foreigners. As the Musée du Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, Paris has many other worthwhile sights. The Louvre’s virtual tour takes you through the museum’s most famous pieces, like Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa.”

The Hermitage:

The Hermitage is one of the world’s largest museums, so it offers several choices for virtual tours — from Ancient Egyptian art to Dutch painting to the museum’s collection of Faberge eggs.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA):

MoMA is one of the most famous museums in the U.S., and its website has a great virtual tour that lets you see works by everyone from Picasso to Pollack and Warhol.


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