Tips For Creating An Attractive Feed On Instagram

In this article, we’ll take a look at some tips for creating an engaging Instagram feed that will increase your follower count. In any digital marketing strategy that aims to be efficient, it is important to create an attractive Instagram feed that attracts more followers. Certainly, Instagram is one of the most used social networks to make brands known.

That is why it is important to pay great attention and care to the details of its creation. Since if you define a feed style on Instagram, it will serve as a guide for the generation of brand content. And eventually, this could increase profile reach and increase brand sales. So, to guide this process, we give you a series of considerations to create a good Instagram feed.

Qualities of the community manager to create a feed

Before starting with the tips to create a good Instagram feed, it is necessary to consider what knowledge a community manager should have. In particular, taking into account the type of content that is published on Instagram, we recommend that a community manager have knowledge of:


On Instagram, the image or photograph is the protagonist. That is why it is important that the community manager who is in charge of the feed has knowledge about photographic techniques, framing, lighting, and others. With all this, he will be able to collaborate or produce the photographs that will be published in the feed, giving him a professional touch and of good quality.


The production of content on Instagram often requires editing work that can take some time. Therefore, if the community manager has knowledge of graphic design and photo editing programs, he can reduce content creation times. Plus, she’ll be able to immediately capture ideas or make last-minute corrections.

Art direction

The community manager who is going to manage an Instagram account must have knowledge of aesthetics and art in order to give the feed a special touch. If she works on a fashion profile, she must have knowledge of lifestyle and outfits. If you have a food profile, you must have knowledge of food style to take photos of food and appetizing dishes

Tips and considerations for creating an Instagram feed

Considerations for creating an Instagram feed

Instagram has become one of the main advertising platforms for brands and businesses. Within this platform, the feed is the central part of the profile and exposes the brand identity as it represents its face to users.

Likewise, all the content published in the feed lasts and does not have an expiration date, as is the case with stories. Therefore, there are some important guidelines that you can take into account to define the identity of the brand through the Instagram feed.

Choose a theme for the Instagram feed

The first step in creating an Instagram feed is to define the topic to be treated or the category of the brand. As we know, all kinds of content can be published on Instagram. So it is necessary to define a stable identity for each profile. Above all, a brand is currently known and remembered for its public image on social networks.

So, you must define if your brand talks about gastronomy, fitness, travel, and fashion, among others. Once you have defined the central theme, you can think about the content to produce in both video and images, with their respective descriptive texts. In the same way, you can take into account the topics related to your field. So you can produce varied content.

Choose a color palette for photos on Instagram

The second important tip for achieving a visually appealing feed is to establish a color palette for Instagram. You probably think that this limits your content production a bit. But it actually gives you valuable organization and visual harmony. Keep in mind that there are too many images on Instagram. So it is nice to see profiles that have a certain aesthetic.

Therefore, you can choose from a range of colors based on which you can produce the graphic pieces of your feed. Not all colors have to be included in a single image. But you can vary them so that the feed, seen in its entirety, respects the chosen color palette. In the case of brands, it is important to use defined colors that are included in the logo or help to generate harmonious contrasts.

Define an Instagram feed type

If we go through some brand profiles on Instagram, we will realize that each one has a very defined visual structure. These are known as feed types. Which are a way of generating posts to maintain a particular style, like tiles, when looking at the feed as a whole.

Take care of the quality of your photos

An image says more than a thousand words, especially on Instagram, the most visual social network of all. Depending on the theme of your profile, you can schedule photo sessions to take great photos. Or in any case, you must take care of the editing process. And you should take care of the details and sizes of the image.

Regardless of the formats, there is a key concept to producing quality images: the DPI resolution. The DPI, or points per square inch, refers to the resolution of the image determined by the number of points that make it up. This measurement determines the sharpness of the image. And in the case of Instagram posts, it is recommended that it be 300 DPI for an image size of 1050×1050, which is the optimal resolution.

Programs for creating content on Instagram

Another of the tips that cannot be missed to create an organized and visually pleasing Instagram feed is to take advantage of other applications to produce or schedule content. You can find a wide range of editing applications that can help you to give your photos a personal touch, as well as applications that facilitate the process of adding texts or effects. In that case, there are some free apps you could use to generate posts for your Instagram feed:


FlexClip is one of my favorite online video editors. It has a very intuitive interface. And what I like most about this software is that it contains a large number of attractive templates and a library of free resources.


It is one of the most used platforms to generate fast, varied and quality content. This tool contains numerous templates adapted for each format of content on social networks. In the case of Instagram, you can create stories, posts, and short animations. You can also add text, stickers, effects, and other elements to personalize each post.


This image editor allows you to keep photos uncropped for your Instagram feed. This is because you can put a background on them with the measurements required by the Instagram feed. You can then upload the photo directly to the feed without the need for square cropping.  

On the other hand, in terms of content programming, this is a really important point for digital marketing experts. Because it makes it easier to update feeds. For example, you can use Facebook’s Creator Studio tool to schedule content on Instagram, both images and videos. You just have to enter the platform and go to the Instagram account section at the top of the interface. And select “create publication” and “Instagram feed.”

Define when to put photos, carousel, and video

Finally, in this list of Instagram feed tips, we recommend interspersing the content, so it doesn’t look static and monotonous. To do this, you can insert between publications of 1 photo, carousel, or slider of up to 10 photos and videos or 1 video of up to 1 minute.

The ideal is to know how to distinguish which format is appropriate for each content. For example, if you create an informative feed and want to explain a concept, you can create a post in the form of a carousel. In it, you can include illustrations or infographics that help you condense the information for your users.


The Instagram Feed is an essential element in a brand profile. Therefore, if you are a community manager, you should pay attention to this content and follow some of these Instagram feed tips. You can choose from the various tools offered by this social network. And you can take advantage of these tips to define a really attractive feed.

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