Do you find it difficult to contact customer service when your laptop fails? There is very little chance that you will get your common laptop problems fixed quickly, even if you contact customer service.

Imagine if your laptop had all the tools it needed to solve its problems. It is a fact that your laptop will eventually develop problems no matter how careful you use it.

Instead of being dissatisfied by customer service or spending money on expensive repairs, it may be possible to simply be aware of some common laptop problems and their best solutions. It’s fascinating, isn’t it?

A laptop that doesn’t turn off is the most frustrating thing. Laptop repair problems can be a big problem because you have put a lot of money into the device and depend on it for personal use. You may be able find a solution to a common hardware problem in laptops. Continue reading to learn solutions for common laptop problems and how they can be fixed.

  • What to do if your laptop is not responding?
  • The Battery keeps draining
  • Incapable to connect to network
  • Slow Hard Drive
  • Overheating
  • Display Yellow or Green Dots or Lines
  • Spyware or Virus

Let’s look at solutions for common laptop problems.


  • Solution: Disconnect the hard drive and place it in an external enclosure. Run Checkdisk.
  • When there is too much data or applications stored on your laptop, it can cause a slowdown in performance. We recommend that you clear some space from your hard disk by deleting temporary files, organizing your desktop, and deinstalling any apps that you don’t use often. You might consider moving old data to an external drive in order to increase the speed of your computer.


  • Solution: Battery Replacement
  • Lithium batteries can become less capable of holding a charge over long periods. It is wise to replace the laptop battery with a new one. Do not plug your laptop in with a fully charged battery. It will cause more damage to your battery over time.


  • Solution: Turn on your wireless. Make sure your router broadcasts a network name (SSID).
  • The majority of laptops have a physical button or switch that turns on the connection. Locate it and ensure it is on. Next, use the drain power method to reboot the router. Disconnect it, allow the electricity to drain for about 10-20 seconds, and then plug it in again. You can also use your control panel for a review of your network connections if the problem persists. To ensure that your connections are working properly, you can re-build the network.


  • Solution: Disk Fragmentations
  • Disorganized data on your hard drive can cause performance to drop because the computer has to spend more time looking through fragments of data and damaged sectors. This problem can be solved quickly using the built-in Windows utility Disk Defragmenter. However, it may take several hours to fix. You can find this software in the Accessories or System Tools section under the Programs menu. To find out if your hard disk needs to be defragmented click on the Analyze button and then click Defragment.


  • Solution: Clean your air vents, install an inhalation vent, or update the BIOS.
  • Overheating can cause your laptop to become unresponsive and lead to system crashes and even freezing. Each computer produces heat. Laptops, due to their small size and lack ventilation, are more susceptible to overheating. Dust can block air vents and prevent cold air from reaching the CPU.
  • These air vents can be cleaned with a keyboard cleaner or a cloth. This will usually resolve any overheating issues.
  • To prevent dust accumulation, place a filter cloth such as one made by Swiffer over the breathing port. One should be placed away from the exhaust vent as hot air will likely exit the system quickly. If the cloth doesn’t work, you might need to update your BIOS. This is what controls your laptop’s hardware. Many manufacturers provide an installer file that automatically updates BIOS files. This is useful for heat management. Make sure that your notebook is connected to a power source when upgrading the BIOS.

The Display is in black

  • If the laptop’s lights turn on and the fan spins, but nothing is visible, it is likely that the motherboard is damaged. Try shining a flashlight on the screen to see if it turns on. If the screen doesn’t turn on, you need to replace its backlight.

Display Yellow or Green Dots or Lines

  • Rub your fingers in a circular motion to remove the stuck pixels. This trick is usually enough to get the pixel to glow properly.



Are you having trouble hearing strange sounds from your laptop? This is another problem that many laptop users face. This issue is often more apparent when you’re using your laptop. This could be due to many reasons.

Solutions You should check the cooling fan at least once to ensure that everything is in order. You might hear noises from your hard drive. Before you replace it, back up all of your data.

Keyboard not functioning

The keys can become brittle from prolonged use, or if they are exposed to hot liquids or heat. You can also lose your keys or get worn out.

Many laptop manufacturers offer online assistance for replacing keyboards via their customer service pages. Search online for “keyboard replacement” to find several guides on how to replace your keyboard.

Toshiba’s “Ask Iris”, a document database, provides hardware-replacement guides that make your job easy.


It doesn’t matter if your USB port stops functioning. Here are some ways to fix the problem.

1: Restart your Laptop

2 – Uninstall the USB port driver

3: Disable USB selective suspend

An Abnormally Functional Operating System or Software

Try restarting your computer to see if the operating system or any other software is not responding or acting up. Install reliable anti-virus software to prevent this from happening.


This blog will help you find solutions to common laptop problems. You won’t be able to solve the problem if you have tried all of the solutions. If you are still having trouble with your laptop, it is time to contact a professional. You don’t need to panic now that you know the solutions to common problems you may have encountered or will face in the future. You can find many places that repair laptops and get cheap replacement hardware from them.

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