Goechala- Trekking to the base of Kanchenjunga

Goechala- Trekking to the base of Kanchenjunga

Camping beneath one of the world’s tallest snow-covered peaks. Walking down one of the most picturesque autumn-colored trails. A magnificent view of the mighty peaks at dawn.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? Actually, it’s even better.

The only stuff of which dreams are made.

The Adventure-

The Goechala trek is typically completed in 8 days by most trekking companies. The trek begins in Yuksom, West Sikkim, and leads to the foothills of Pandim and Kanchenjunga (almost). Our path looked like this:

From Yuksom’s forested hills to Tshokha’s alpine meadows, and finally to the Goechala Pass (4940 metres), from which you can see Kanchenjunga’s (8586 metres) south face. In all directions, soaring rocky mountains surround you. You will gain a true sense of perspective as you stand in awe in front of these massive peaks.

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Beginning of Journey

After you meet with our representative, we will begin our mountain adventure. Climb through lush semi-tropical forests and crystal-clear streams and rivers. Listen to the relaxing sound of the waterfall below Prek Chu. Travel through the highlands from Tshoka to Dzongri, pausing for exploration and acclimatisation. The rugged terrain surrounding these points will take your breath away.

Climb from Dzongri through Pandim’s shadow until you reach Goechala (5002 meters/16,410 feet). Look down at the glaciated lake, which is surrounded on all sides by snow and ice from the mountain ridges. Then look up to see Kanchenjunga (8586m), Talung (7349m), Kabru (7353m), and a variety of other peaks. The sensation of reaching the summit of Goechala Pass will stay with you forever.

Enjoying the Trek

Begin your descent by traversing the high alpine terrain, then the spectacular lowland terrain. Each day of the Sikkim Kanchenjunga Goechala Trek is distinct from the previous and subsequent days. The scenery around every corner will take your breath away. The journey concludes in Yuksam, where it all began. Our vehicle is ready to take you on a sightseeing tour of Gangtok, Sikkim’s capital and largest city.

The Himalayas have a distinct character. It doesn’t take long to realise this after trekking around and through them. We’d love to accompany you on this exciting adventure. Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kanchenjunga Goechala in Sikkim!

The routes are Yuksom-Bakhim-Tshokha-Dzongri-Thangsing-Lamunay-Kokchurang-Tshokha-Yuksom.

The journey begins with a narrow path through the forest, gradually widening and opening up to vast spaces from Dzongri, where it faces the sky, and so on. Waterfalls, suspension bridges, beautiful streams, and mountain peaks will greet you.

The rocky path along the river may be difficult, and the slippery path may cause you to lose your balance. The ascent to Dzongri can be difficult, and the summit day can be lengthy.

Peaks – 

The summit of Pandim is the first peak visible from Tshokha. And, starting with Dzongri, other peaks gradually enter the stage. You trek to Dzongri top at dawn on the third or fourth day to get a glimpse of what can be seen from the Goechala viewpoint. Seeing the sunrise from Dzongri was an unforgettable experience. These are the days I eagerly await.

The Goechala viewpoint appears to be a festival, with all of the mountain peaks meeting and celebrating. You don’t know which you have mountain to look at. Initially, you admire Pandim but can’t take your eyes off Kanchenjunga at sunrise. There are, however, other peaks that should be mentioned. Latung, Kabru, and Goecha are a few examples.

Weather and Dangers-

The weather is always unpredictable in the mountains, and this is especially true on the Goechala trek. Even if you arrive during peak season, you may be disappointed. The weather gods put on a spectacular show for us.

April-May and October-November are the best months. We started the journey in the second week of October and were grateful for the lovely weather. It did, however, rain nonstop both before and after. People had a difficult time getting a good view. Many groups were forced to return without completing the trek due to the rain, which caused slippery trails and swampy campsites. You must, however, take the risk.

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a serious threat. Learn more about it and start working out as soon as possible. Every season, some hikers must be rescued, which is a difficult task.

What to Expect on Sikkim Goechala Trek-

Expect to see several of the world’s highest peaks, including the majestic Kanchenjunga. The Goechala Trek is one of India’s most beautiful trails, offering close-up views of the mountains. View rare alpine flowers in bloom, rhododendron trees in bloom, and a variety of wild animals roaming the forests in the spring. While staying in their welcoming teahouses, you can learn about the Rai, Limbu, and other ethnic groups. The natural beauty of Samiti Lake, surrounded by rocky mountains, will take your breath away. On this 11-day adventure, prepare to trek through true Himalayan wilderness and see dozens of majestic peaks.


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