Top career options for Political Science honors students

Top career options for Political Science honors students

Political Science honors course tests the knowledge of students in various areas like government functions, politics, international affairs, and global issues. Political science honors courses are popular among students with a keen interest to study social sciences. The course enhances critical thinking, research ability, reasoning, and analytical skills. 

The course is of three years, providing deep insights into the functioning of political systems, social, economic, and political life of residents of a nation, the concept of distribution of resources and power, relations between countries, and global issues such as war, justice, freedom, equality. Political science courses provide a sea of opportunities to the students. Entry-level jobs are offered in numerous roles. Read further to know these job roles in detail. 

Civil Services 

Becoming a civil servant like Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Economic Service (IES), and Indian Foreign Services (IFS) is considered one of the most respectable careers in India. Officers can help to regulate law and order by being a part of the system. To become a civil servant, one must qualify for the civil service exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. 

The exam is conducted to recruit candidates for twenty-five services. Selected candidates are trained in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie. Political knowledge is a must to appear in the UPSC exam, and studying political science at the undergraduate level helps students crack the exam. 

Students can take online courses or coaching to help them crack the exam. If you are a teacher teaching UPSC aspirants, you can sell online courses from your own website. It will help the remote students who cannot physically attend your class. 


After graduation, you can enroll in a three-year LLB course. Skills like problem-solving, research ability, analytical skills, and critical thinking learned in undergraduate courses will help in a law career. You can become an advocate by enrolling in the Bar Council of India and clearing the All India Bar Examination. The average salary of an advocate in India is about 3.5 lakhs per annum. 

Policy Analyst 

A policy analyst evaluates the impacts of adopting a policy, forms arguments for and against the implementation of the policy. Political science students are a perfect fit for the role of a policy analyst, as they study the economic, political, and social lives of residents of a nation, gain in-depth knowledge of public policies in their course and develop skills like critical thinking, writing, and research. The average salary of a policy analyst is around five lakhs per annum. 


Most of the news we hear every day is about politics. Political science students have a deep understanding of politics making them an ideal fit for political journalists and editors. Students must be excellent in skills such as: communication, creative writing, research, and investigative skills to be a journalist. Top institutions create online courses to prepare students with the skills to be a journalist. A student can enroll in these courses and kickstart their journalism journey.

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Students can pursue a postgraduate course in journalism or mass communication to start their career in journalism. The average salary of a political reporter in India is about five lakhs per year. 

Political Scientist 

Political Scientists study various aspects of governmental systems, division of powers among central and state governments, relationships among countries, and the impact of government policies on residents of an economy. They evaluate risks involved in the implementation of government schemes and also make recommendations on how to implement these schemes. 

To be a political scientist, you need to complete your graduation and post-graduation in political science. You must pursue a Ph.D. degree in political science after post-graduation. The average salary of a political scientist is about six lakhs per annum. 

To sum up, political science students have a plethora of options to pursue after graduation. They have numerous job profiles like an advocate, journalist, political scientist, marketing, policy analyst, etc. They can pursue post-graduation and a Ph.D. in political science to become a professor. Political science courses boost several skills of students to help them in their careers. 


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