Migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Online-Benefits

Migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Online-Benefits

Tableau Server-

Today as the business world experiences constant dynamic shifts. Cloud-based applications make it more convenient to make strategic decisions on the go. Data in real-time strengthens an organization in more than one way. Tableau Online is one such cloud-based application that enables the user to access vital data from any device anywhere and anytime.

So, what is Tableau Online? – It is a Tableau product hosted on SaaS, capable of performing data analysis. And creating advanced data visualizations and interactive dashboards.

But you might wonder how does it differ from Tableau Server? Well, Tableau Server acts as a central repository for the source data and visualizations. And requires in-house or third-party servers for hosting. 

Now, the question is should you be shifting from Tableau Server to Tableau Online? Migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Online can be a daunting decision. Especially when you think about data backup and security. In this article, we have shared a few to help you decide better.  

Benefits of migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Online:

While you might be in two minds deciding if you should relocate from Tableau Server to Tableau Online. Here’s how you can benefit from the shift.

No server and hardware maintenance:

As mentioned earlier, the Tableau Server will need hardware and a physical server for functioning. All this comes with an additional charge for maintenance. If you are using the vendor’s server, then you will have to shed some extra money.

Automatic updates:

Tableau Online rolls out automatic updates, so the entire team is equipped with its latest versions. 


Since the charges for Tableau Server depends on the Tableau license, it can cost the organization a fortune. Whereas Tableau license costs only $500, therefore you can harness the benefits of the cloud without going off-budget. You can pay for the specific services you want, which brings us to our next point.


Since Tableau Online gives you the liberty to avail and pay for explicit services, based on your company’s needs. You can either scale down or scale up without any hassle. 

Save time on implementation:

Unlike Tableau Server, with Tableau Online, you can enjoy faster implementation. It does not require time for server configuration and does not have a tedious setup process. Tableau Online gets to action within only a few hours. 

Faster access to data in real-time:

By now, you already know that Tableau Online is a SaaS-based application. Meaning it is accessible anytime and anywhere. Every member of the team can access and share real-time information. Enabling them to make data-driven decisions while on the go. 

Robust UI:

In recent years, Tableau Online underwent several improvements, and its simple and convenient. The user interface is a customer favorite. It has an array of useful features that enhances data visualization, like drag and drop options, bespoke dashboards, and more. Additionally, it empowers users of varying skill levels to analyze and interpret data smoothly. Thereby, increasing its scope of use across different organizational levels. 

Final words

It is needless to say that the shift can be an arduous task. But as they say, no pain, no gain. Its advantages surpass the initially intimidating chores. Here Tableau’s Content Migration Tool is a savior, making the process a lot simpler. In the end, migrating from Tableau Server to Tableau Online is an essential organizational leap waiting to happen.

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Author Bio- Julia Lee is a marketing expert who is working on MNC for the past 2 years. She has been associated with Uneecops Business Solution. As on business adviser for couple of years and provides tableau software India. Apart from this, she is a pet lover and a passionate photographer.


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