The world’s largest department stores

Need a little retail therapy? Slip on your comfortable shoes: We’re doing window shopping at the 10 largest department stores in the world.

Galleries Lafayette, Paris

Galleries Lafayette, a Paris-based company, has a popular food section with state-of-the-art fashions, jewelry and accessories, home decor and cosmetics, as well as delicious food items. But beyond shopping, the store is known for its Belle Époque architecture. Sign up for a free guided tour of the Byzantine stained glass dome, rooftop terrace and Art Nouveau staircase.

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuel, Milan

Designed in 1860 and built between 1865 and 1877, the Galleria consists of two overlapping streets in the middle of Milan, including an octagonal space with a domed glass dome and Tetro Ala Scala. Has been merged. Home to some of the city’s oldest shops and restaurants, this predecessor of modern shopping malls is worth a visit.

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Le Bon Marche, Paris

The oldest department store in Paris and, some say, the world’s first, Le Bon Marche was designed by Gustave Eiffel (yes, that Eiffel) and opened in 1852. The Department of Food, La Grande Episerie de Paris, has more than 5,000 stocks. Local and international products; think French artistic jam, Spanish ham and Welsh mineral water; for a sensual picnic.

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Detsky Mir, Moscow

Known since Soviet times. Children’s World was Europe’s largest children’s department store. When it opened in 1957. And was the dream destination of countless Russian children for a working carousel. In addition to an endless selection of toys and games. Closed for extensive renovations between 2008 and 2014, the fully refurbished store is open for business again.

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Selfridges, London

On 10 acres, the Selfridges’ Oxford Street flagship store is the second largest in England. (Beaten to the top by Harrods) and has stock to show for it. Be sure to check out the popular window displays. That have been photographed and featured in magazines. Including Vogue and Doyle. And take a break from endless shopping. To see Art Deco’s main entrances and in-store art exhibitions.

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Takashimaya, Kyoto

With roots in the Kyoto Kimono store. Which opened in 1831. Takashimaya China operates stores in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. But you will not want to miss the collections of Japanese ceramics. New and recycled camouflage and Kyoto monuments. Head to the basement for the food section. Where you will find beautiful. Sweet and delicious Japanese dishes to admire and enjoy.

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La Renaissance, Florence

One of Florence’s most popular stores, this six-story department store has everything you would expect from a luxury shopping center. As well as traditional Tuscan goods including terra cotta, olive oil and wrought iron (just your suitcase). I try to keep the railing). Don’t miss the rooftop terrace for a cappuccino. An Italian pastry and spectacular views of the city. Including the world-famous Duomo.

Acetan, Tokyo

Reflecting the lives of its more than 30 million customers a year. The historic Isetan Shop hosts kimonos and accessories. As well as Western and Japanese designer brands. The basement food hall features some of the world’s most famous pastry chefs, including a large chocolate section. English speaking help is available for incoming buyers.

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