5 Essential Tools for Social Media Management

5 Essential Tools for Social Media Management

At present, the number of people who own video game consoles, mobile devices, computers, and smart TVs, among other digital technology equipment, is constantly growing. Almost everyone has access to the Internet, either in public or private places, 24 hours a day.

If we look at our own circle of friends, it becomes clear that out of every 10 people, 8 use social networking apps to find out about all the information around them and in the world.

Having access to all the information at hand and the opportunity to produce your own content allows you to be well known just by posting a photo with a famous phrase or a video that offers your products, services, or talents that are part of the magic of managing social networks.

What is social media management?

Before talking about management, we want to define what social networks are and what they are for. A Social Network is a technological communication structure based on a web page. There are many apps that allow us to connect with countless people simultaneously, sharing content and interacting with known and unknown users.

Social networks allow us to promote our own business, increasing the reach of more people and customer loyalty. In the last year, with the pandemic situation, managing social networks was the lifesaver that left many companies afloat and businesses by providing the ability to manage their services from home through social media.

Marketing in social networks is a series of strategies and techniques that allow us to spread, promote, position, and even process the sales of our services or products, and that helps us in the management of social networks.

Now that we understand on the ground where we must work on the management of social networks, it is important to know what are the essential tools for the management of these networks.

5 Essential Tools for Social Media Management

There are many tools for managing social networks, whether they are management, analysis, measurement, or content creation, among others. Here we leave you the five essential tools:

1- Tweet Deck

If Twitter is about something, it is that with a short phrase that engages the public. Added to a link with attractive information, you can be successful on the networks. But when you already have several profiles, you need to manage your accounts, this is where TweetDeck can help you.

This tool has a design similar to Twitter, where with an organization by columns you can select the type of tools for content like these.

To schedule a Tweet:

  • Sign in to your TweetDeck account and click on the Tweet.
  • Confirm that the Twitter account you’d like to tweet from is selected.
  • Compose the Tweet. Include an image or video to accompany the Tweet by clicking Add images or video.
  • Click Schedule Tweet and select the date and time you’d like the Tweet to go live.
  • Click Schedule Tweet for him/her at [Date/Time].

The key tip is to add a Scheduled column to view and edit your scheduled Tweets.


It is a complete tool of the best free tools that I have already taken advantage of. Although it also has its paid version, this tool allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn profiles.

Buffer allows you to plan and establish how often you want to publish, that is, how and when you decide. With a surprising capacity, the free version allows you only four profiles. If this is your case, you are an entrepreneur. It is ideal for you, and best of all, without the need to be online.

3- Hoot Suite

As one of the best-known and widely accepted tools, this social media communication manager is practically a free social CRM that provides us with many essential utilities for managing our social networks.

It has a service that is responsible for connecting multiple social network accounts for centralized online administration. In an easier and faster way, you can share and schedule content from your social accounts and respond to and interact with your audience.

Some features of the Hootsuite

  • Monitor your activity, so you can hear what is being said about your brand, your products, or your services offered.
  • Schedule your content posts.
  • Measure results in order to improve and plan new strategies.

4- Facebook Business Manager

This suite is a free Facebook tool, today belonging to the Meta company. It helps organize and manage the marketing actions of your company’s Facebook and Instagram profiles.

This tool has efficient and very profitable functionalities that allow you to work collaboratively as a team with people such as the community manager or the marketing analyst, among others.

Some features of Facebook Business Manager are if you have a marketing company or are your own administrator.

  • It allows you to manage the commercial pages.
  • You can schedule posts.
  • It gives you the ability to interact with users and manage ads.
  • And It provides a better overview of managing more than two Facebook or Instagram accounts.
  • It allows you to protect your company’s information against unauthorized access, or improper use and inappropriate handling of information

5- Canva

In the management of social networks, it is not only about managing, measuring, or monitoring, since if there is something that provides greater visibility to your publication, it is the visual identity.

If, in your case, creating attractive content is your passion. I give you the good news that you do not need much knowledge. With Canva, you can create images, infographics, and posters, among others, in a few minutes with functional and practical tools, mostly with formats for all your social networks.

Some features of Canva that are useful:

  • It is a collaborative tool. You can share your designs with your friends and clients.
  • It is a simple, online, and free tool.
  • It has a library with more than a million images and elements.
  • You can upload your logo, banners, icons, and illustrations.
  • It allows you to easily customize the templates.

Other Essential Tools for Social Media Management

Every day the tools are updated, and every day a platform or app is launched that helps us manage networks. That’s why we decided to leave you a Bonus of Essential Tools for Social Media Management that, added to the 5 already recommended tools, can help you grow your business.


Google Analytics.


Post grain.



Fanpage Karma.


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