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The Shocking Risks of Not Buying Outdoor Table Covers

Outdoor Table Covers furniture items are amazing. They can transform any dull backyard or patio into an exciting recreational space. However, outdoor furniture items also tend to be big, bulky, and heavy. That’s why these items were one of the biggest casualties of the recent shipping and supply chain crises.

The Rising Importance of Protecting Furniture Items

It requires countless efforts to transport pocket-sized smartphones from one country to another. Just imagine how high the costs are to transport bulky outdoor tables or sofas. These are the reasons why the costs of furniture items have increased by as much as 1200% in some places.

Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, furniture retailers have had no choice but to raise prices. That’s why protecting your furniture items should be your priority in 2022 and beyond. Don’t plan to buy new furniture items any time soon.

More importantly, avoid watching your furniture items slowly get destroyed by the elements. Outdoor furniture items need more protection than their indoor counterparts because they face way more external threats.

To weatherproof your Outdoor Table Covers furniture items, consider investing in premium-quality outdoor table covers. These covers not only look great but also keep outdoor furniture safe.

  • Outdoor furniture covers are usually made of thick, waterproof, and UV-resistant fabrics. They don’t experience many rips and tears. They also don’t crack or tear due to sunlight damage or water damage.
  • These covers are typically made of solution-dyed materials that retain their colors for several years.
  • The waterproof linings on these covers prevent rain or atmospheric humidity from damaging outdoor furniture items.

What happens if you don’t buy these covers and leave your outdoor furniture items unprotected for long periods? Here’s what happens.

The Sun will Ruin its Structure

Harsh rays from the UV rays will “sun bleach” your outdoor furniture items. This type of damage is scientifically reversible. But, that’s way too expensive. The aesthetic and structural damages sunlight causes to outdoor tables and chairs are hard to fix. Not covering these items will ultimately result in them cracking and splintering.

Water Will Rot the Table

Does your area experience severe rainfall? Then, your outdoor furniture items won’t last for a month without the protection of waterproof covers. Once tables, chairs, or even cushions get wet – it’s very hard to restore them to their original quality. Water causes outdoor chairs to develop weak spots. Pests and microbes may target these weak spots.

Water damage also leaves ugly water stains on the furniture items. If left uncleaned, these stains can become bigger and uglier. They can even mature into full-scale rots. Once your outdoor furniture items start rotting – it’s nearly impossible to restore them.

Irreversible Pest Damage

Bird, rodents, and insect droppings never look good on outdoor furniture items. But, droppings will be the least of your worries if you don’t cover your outdoor tables. Squirrels can easily bite through your outdoor tables. Cockroaches and insects see these bite dents as invitations to burrow inside the furniture items.

A waterproof, pest-resistant, and UV-resistant cover can help you address these risks very easily.

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