Commonly Used Veterinary Dental Elevators For Dental Extraction

Commonly Used Veterinary Dental Elevators For Dental Extraction

Dental elevators are useful instruments for loosening the tooth from the periodontal ligament. The instrument features fine tips useful for removing broken root tips. Elevators function on the principle of leverage to detach the tooth from the socket. Moreover, they uplift gingival tissue from the cervical region to luxate the tooth.

Veterinary dental elevators consist of several components. The first and the most important part is the sharp and delicate blade at the tip of the tool that is useful to luxate the tooth from its socket. The ergonomic handle of the tool has a unique design for a secure grip.

Dental elevator instruments are an important part of any dental extraction procedure. Further, the tool’s features are also available in several variations for the comfort of the dental operators. Moreover, they have high tensile strength, low maintenance, and are corrosion-resistant.

Types of veterinary dental elevators:

A broad range of dental elevators is available in dentistry for the ease of veterinary dentists. Dentistry practitioners demand a different variety of elevators for efficient extraction procedures. There are some useful types of elevators for safer extraction procedures:

  • Spade elevator
  • Seldin elevator
  • Feline luxating root elevator
  • Molt periosteal elevator
  • Apexo elevator
  • Elevator serrated jaws
  • Root tip elevator
  • Howard surgical elevator
  • GerMed periosteal elevator single-ended

Spade elevator:

It is a useful instrument that helps remove the periodontal ligament within the ligament space. Moreover, it provides an ease to the dentist for small animal tooth extraction. The tool’s unique design helps protect the nearby tissues during the luxating process of teeth. Additionally, the German forged instrument does not affect external environmental change. It is a rustproof and durable tool and reusable after sterilization.

Seldin elevator:

The Seldin elevator is a unique design instrument that is useful to detach the underlying bone by pushing action. It has a sharp straight blade to push the bone securely. Moreover, it comes up with a lot of variations to provide ease to the surgeons.

The German forged instrument has high tensile strength and requires low maintenance. Further, it is reusable many times after sterilization. In addition, the blade helps prevent any damage to the nearby tissues.

Feline luxating root elevator:

The instrument is ideal for feline extraction procedures. It is available in several sizes of handles on the requirements of the veterinary dentist. Also, it is available in sets with an economical and desirable range.

Molt periosteal elevator:

The tool is the most common in dental extraction procedures. It is a double-ended tool with a long design having extra-sharp blades for surgical purposes. Moreover, it helps to retract the periosteum after cutting gingival tissues. The blades come up for different surgeries.

Apexo elevator:

Apexo elevators have incredible features useful to detach the tooth from retained roots. The incredible design of the tool ensures to provide enhanced flexibility during dental extraction procedures. In addition, it is a German forged tool that is highly resistant to corrosion.

Further, it has long-lasting use in dental surgical operations. The resilient structure exhibit high tensile strength, less likely to require maintenance. Moreover, it is a lightweight and reliable instrument.

Elevator serrated jaws:

Elevator serrated jaws are German forged tools for dental extraction in many surgeries. The main feature of the elevator is the finely serrated tips that securely luxate the tooth from the ligament. The ergonomic handle of the instrument is perfect for a firm hand grip. In addition, it is available in several sizes to accommodate the need of the veterinary dentist.

Root tip elevator:

Root tip elevators have a delicate structure with a curved tip. Therefore, it is useful to eliminate the root fragment and tips during dental extraction procedures. Furthermore, The German forged instrument has a unique design handle for a steady grip. So the dentists can hold the instrument securely during extraction. In addition, the instrument is resistive to rust materials, ideal for long-term use.

Howard surgical elevator:

The instrument features a narrow, sharp tip for the ideal luxating procedure. The handle provides a perfect grip for the efficient working of exports. The sturdy structure of the tool is German forged. Further, it is heat and corrosion-resistant. The sterilization process helps clean up the contaminations from the tool’s surface. Likewise, it is suitable to use after sterilization.

GerMed Periosteal elevator single-ended:

The single-ended instrument features a long tip with a perfect handle grip. The instrument is useful for inserting periosteal between the bone and periosteum to reflect the gingival tissues. Moreover, these versatile instruments are ideal for long-term use in the dental extraction process.

Cleaning of dental elevators:

It is important to clean the dental tools thoroughly to purify them. In addition, the sterilization process is necessary for further use of instruments. Cleaning the instrument removes the debris from the body of the tool. So, there is no unnecessary biological contact due to contamination.


Veterinary Dental Elevators are useful instruments for luxating the tooth in small animal surgery. These tools help veterinary dentists to reach into the narrow spaces to cut the periodontal ligament during the dental extraction procedure. Moreover, the sharp and narrow blades of the elevator ideally elevate the periodontal ligament to loosen the tooth.

Some professional tools are available at Vet and Tech with unique and specific variations for ideal dental procedures. The instrument is available in several variations to facilitate dental practitioners. Various instrument categories have a unique design to fulfill the extraction procedures efficiently. Additionally, they are also available in packs for the ease of surgeons.


What Are Veterinary Dental Elevators?

Dental elevators are remarkable tools for the small animal tooth extraction procedure. It helps in loosening the tooth before pulling it out of its socket.

What Are Dental Elevators Made Of?

Dental extractors are German forged instruments for small animal dental surgeries. Additionally, they are sturdy and durable instruments.

Do Dental Elevators Have Specific Categories For Small Animal Tooth Extraction?

A set of specific instruments with a unique design is available for felines’ and canines’ dental extraction process.


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