7 Best Video Editing Programs for Beginners in 2022

7 Best Video Editing Programs for Beginners in 2022

The digital age has given us many tools to pursue hobbies and passions. If you’ve suddenly realized that making movies is something that interests you, chances are you’re looking for Best Video Editing Programs for Beginners.

We would be glad to make your search a little easier. We have selected the 5 best video editing software for beginners. In this list, you will find intuitive and understandable tools that will help you free the Bergman or Spielberg in you. So let’s dive into our reviews.

1. Blender

Behind this seemingly generic name hides robust video editing software for beginners. Blender has tools not only for video editing but also for creating 3D animations. It is one of the Best Video Editing Programs.

When it comes to creating movies, this software offers you a number of basic tools that allow you to manipulate your footage by trimming, merging, or shrinking.

There are also a number of effects and transitions, as well as tools to speed up filming and crop them. The software is easy enough to use if you limit yourself to video editing, but it gets progressively more complex if you try your hand at 3D animation.

2. Vimeo

You’ve probably heard of Vimeo as a popular video hosting service, but you probably had no idea that this service also had a video editing option. Called Vimeo Create, this service is available for desktop, Android, and iOS and allows you to create movies directly for hosting.

It is mainly based on templates but also offers enough tools for creating custom videos. Vimeo Create can help you enhance your movies, enriching them with text and music. You can choose the format of your video and publish it on Vimeo with just one click.

3. FlexClip

FlexClip could be one of the Best Video Editing Programs that both beginners and professionals can use up to a certain threshold. It allows you to create movies using built-in video templates, and FlexClip provides a library of stock footage that you can use to enrich your clips.

Of course, this web-based application offers all the tools you need to crop, shrink and paste videos, as well as a number of preset motion effects and a large built-in music collection. FlexClip is available in two versions.

The free version is somewhat limited in terms of features, while the paid version gives you more freedom to make creative decisions. This video editor has limited output options, but you can easily set your video’s quality.

4. Clipify

If you are looking for easy-to-use software that has all the essential features and a handful of advanced features, then Clipify is for you. This video editor is perfect for beginners because it combines intuitiveness with a rich set of tools.

With this software, you can effortlessly crop and stitch your clips, enhance and stabilize your videos in one click, perform complex color correction, speed up and enlarge your videos, add voice comments, and much more. This software also comes with a number of spectacular effects and transitions, a Chroma Key function, an integrated library of over 200 songs, a text tool, and a variety of stickers and clipart.

Clarify allows you to create movies automatically, thanks to an intuitive wizard, and to convert your videos in over 30 formats. These include videos for TV, mobile, social media, YouTube, and DVD.

5. Invideo

InVideo is another web-based video editor. It focuses on automatic video creation and offers a large collection of templates and royalty-free stock images and footage.

The editor also allows you to improve the quality of your videos, add various transitions for a smoother effect, and overlay texts, stickers, and images.

InVideo offers a library of music tracks and allows you to record and add voiceovers. In addition, a fair number of effects can be used.

6. Powtoon

This application allows us to create animated videos. It has several characters and backgrounds that we can adapt to what we want. You can also use it to create simple stories. And you can share them on YouTube for free but with a watermark.

7. Canva

Canva is a tool that in a short time has become one of our favorites since it allows you to make high-quality videos, presentations, posters, brochures, or brochures in a very short time. Some designs and images may have a cost.

That’s all. You’ve now met the Best Video Editing Programs of 2022. While these tools vary slightly in functionality, there’s one thing they all have in common. Namely, the ease of use.

After all, when trying something new, you need to take baby steps, right? We hope this article was useful to you and helped you find the perfect video editing program. So go ahead and let the visionary in you manifest in your DIY movies.


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