A Mesmerizing Experience Indrahar Pass Trek

A Mesmerizing Experience Indrahar Pass Trek


Indrahar Pass, an offbeat trail through the Dharamshala jungle provides a spectacular view of the mighty Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 4,342 meters above sea level, the Indrahar pass forms the boundary between the Kangra and Chamba districts.

Start walking up the slope from Bhagsunag or Dharamkot, then step into the deodar forests and ascend to the Galu Devta temple. In the past, the slope rises higher and the vegetation along the path turns into rhododendrons and oaks. Continue along the edge to reach the fertile area, called Triund, which will be your base camp. 

Lahesh Caves

In the morning, resume the Indrahar Pass trek up the mountain. Discover the fascinating Lahesh Caves on your way from Triund to Ilaqa Got. Live like the prehistoric people inside the cave, and in the morning start the last climb. Get a chance to see wild goats, leopards and Monon birds as you climb up and down. Discuss the rocky terrain to reach the top of the mountain offering spectacular views of the Kangra Valley and the many peaks of the Himalayan mountains.

Duration: 4 days

Travel Type: Medium – Difficult

Height: 4,324mt or 14,245ft

Best Season: May-June & Sept-Nov; For snow lovers, March and April are the most appropriate months.

Base Camp: Triund

Arrive at McLeodganj the day before and take a short break before embarking on your journey. You can take the AC Volvo or HRTC buses, it will be an overnight trip from Delhi.

Day 1: McLeodganj – Triund with Dog Devi Temple: 6184ft to 9760ft, 9 km

You should start the trip at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning after a healthy breakfast. If you are determined to reduce the distance on the first day then you can take a taxi to the Galu Devi temple. This will reduce your trip to about 6km. The total time from McLeodganj to Triund would be 4-5 hours. But from the Galu Devi temple, it will reduce the time to 3-4 hours.

The trail passes through a small guesthouse in Gaddi Shepherds followed by a dense jungle of mixed rhododendron forest, Himalayan Cedar and Oak trees. After travelling another 2-3 hours, you finally reach Truind, a flat area on the riverbank. From here the panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range on one side and the Kangra valley on the other is very impressive. Set up your tents and spend the night here.

Day 2: Triund – Ilaka Pass: 9760ft to 11200 ft, 5 km

Get up early and start your day by taking in the view of the mighty Dhauladhar distance because the morning view from Triund is so much fun. After a delicious breakfast, you start the trek to Ilaqa Pass. The next stop will take 3-4 hours but the trip will be exactly like the Triund to Snowline Cafe followed by simple greenery. Laka Got or Snowline Cafe has located 2 km from the steep Triund and the next 3 km to the Ilaqa pass can descend a steep slope or plateau.

The views from Laka Got are very good. To the east, the Dhauladhar ridge rises above a series of peaks. When you arrive at Ilaqa Pass, unpack and set up tents here. Spend the whole day exploring the area and recommend the Indrahar Pass view that can be seen here. You need proper rest here as the journey will be difficult from here onwards as the trail is full of rocks along the way. A trip to Iqama Pass is considered easy to balance but things are changing beyond this point. So get ready for some action tomorrow!

Day 3: Ilaqa Pass – Lahesh Caves – Indrahar Pass – Ilaqa Pass, 11200 ft to 14.245 ft, 12 km

Today is a long day, so try and start as soon as possible. Have breakfast early and head to your next destination at Indrahar Pass. From Ilaqa you pass and arrive at the same place, you will travel a distance of about 12 km which means it will take 8-9 hours depending entirely on your speed. The trail goes up the hill at first and then up and out.

The route from Ilaqa Pass to Indrahar Pass is steep and steep. The degree of difficulty varies from medium to hard because in some curves you may want to crawl and climb due to the height of the angle. Vegetation on this route occurs only during the rainy season. If not, it is completely dry and the areas are rocky or rocky during the summer. Similarly, the entire trail is covered with white and snow in winter. On the way up you will meet Lahesh Caves which is an hour’s drive from Ilaqa Pass.

Dhauladhar Mountain

Continuing to walk for about two hours or more, you will soon encounter another steep climb of about 300-400 m to the edge of Dhauladhar followed by a 1 km trek just below the ridge that leads directly to Indrahar Pass. The view that awaits the world is amazing with Pir Pinjal standing north while Mani Mahesh Kailash (5656 m) is the eastern peak. After arriving at Indrahar Pass, spend some time there and experience the beautiful views and relax for a while. Ask for the beauty of Mother Nature and start descending towards Ilaqa Pass.

Day 4: Ilaqa Pass – McLeodganj 11200 ft – 6184 ft, 14 km

This is the last day of the wonderful wonderful experience. Follow the same route as you return from Triund through the grassy plains and then slowly descend to Bhagsu Nag and then to Mcleodganj. Today’s journey is about feeling down.


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