Top 10 Shirts you Must Add to your Wardrobe Collection

Are you looking for some best shirt types for men? Don’t worry at all, as below we have mentioned top 10 shirts, including casual shirts for men that one can wear to show off their unique style.

Check out the list now.

1. The Button-Down Shirt

When it comes to buying the best casual shirts for men, most men prefer to go for button-down shirts. These shirts are named for the buttons located on the collars. The buttons are used to keep the shirt collar from flapping. You can go for the Oxford button-down shirt, which works for different dress codes, making it a versatile shirt for men. You can try out different colors. 

2. Dress Shirt

For the events that require you to wear a tie or you want to look a little presentable with a sports coat, you can always go for a dress shirt. However, finding a perfect dress shirt for you can take time as you will have to consider the cuff style, shapes of the collar, and more. But for a perfect look, choose a shirt made of the finest fabric and with fewer details. You will definitely look good. 

3. The Going-out Shirt

Are you looking for the best casual shirts for men? You will never go wrong with a going-out shirt. Such shirts are flashy, silky, and slinky. Whether you want to impress your date or hit the nightclub, these shirts can be an excellent option for you. You can combine it with jeans, funky chinos, or solid color pants based on your shirt’s shade. 

4. The Overshirt

For the season when you can’t wear a t-shirt or a coat, you can always go for an overshirt. This shirt is very versatile and can be used over another shirt, like over a button-down or a t-shirt. The shirt’s simplicity will always impress you. If you are planning for a night out, then go for grey or blue color overshirts. But for your daytime activities, you should go for a neutral shade. 

5. Flannel Shirt

With the best flannel shirt, you will stay stylish as well as warm. These shirts are quite popular among men living in a cold environment. Made of soft and thick fabric, these shirts are available in different checked patterns. You can combine it with jeans or a t-shirt. 

6. The Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are designed to serve different purposes. Well, you can say that these are better than t-shirts and more casual than button-downs. You will look good when you tuck your polo shirt into your trousers. You can also wear it for your outing. These shirts can make you appear hot. 

7. The Rugby Shirt

While polos are inviting and soft, rugby shirts are created burly and quite durable to last longer. You will find this shirt with a contrasting collar in different patterns and colors. You can use them as a sweater during the winter. They will go well with denim jeans for men.

8. Office Shirt

It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get to your work while appearing smart as well as stylish with an office shirt. Colors like pale blues and whites can be a perfect option for your workplace. In terms of texture, you can go for Herringbones or Oxfords to have a casual appearance. Give it a try now. 

9. Chambray

If you are looking for a versatile shirt for your wardrobe, then this is something that you should not miss out on. Different from denim, these shirts are made of light fabrics, and you can use them as casual pieces of clothing. Pair them with chinos or jeans for an amazing look. 

10. The Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are designed to bring a quality workwear edge to the ensembles. These shirts are so versatile that you can easily pair them with denim jeans for men, the sharpest suit, and baggies pants. Like the blue jeans, they come in an indifferent range of indigo tones, and they will always make you look smarter and stylish. Well, there are more options. While buying a men shirt online, just understand the look that you want to achieve and buy one accordingly. Don’t worry about the cost, as all these shirts will come under your budget. Buy them all now.

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