This is a must have APP for Railway Passengers

This is a must have APP for Railway Passengers

IRCTC has now introduced many new things in the railway service. From ticket booking to food booking you can get many more services on the train. You can avail all these services from different apps that have a partnership with IRCTC. You can now get updates on your app regarding the railway. If you are train traveler then you must have any of these top 5 apps on your phone. So that you can book tickets, keep a check on your PNR status, track your train location and also order food online. Here I will tell you one Best App To Order Food In Train without any tension. 

You can order food on the train with many websites and apps that have linked up with IRCTC or you can also order food from the official page of IRCTC. But here is one app that you must have while traveling by train. 

You must keep the zoop app if you are a train traveler 

If you travel by train for most of your journey then you should be aware of all the information related to your train. To get all the details regarding your train Zoop app can help. You can book tickets from this app, you can see your train live location, and you can also order food online from this app. As food is also an important element while traveling.

This app is the first app that provides online food service in train with IRCTC. Because it has only those restaurants under it which have a certificate from the food safety department. You can order food from this app without any worry. As it serves hygiene and best quality food with on-time delivery. From these restaurants, you can order food like dosa, uttapam, Vada pav, biryani, curry rice, burger, noodles, samosa, parantha, Sabji, chicken tikka, paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, and many more food items on your seat. 

Why order food from the zoop app?

The zoop app has so many reviews.  And is also the Best App To Order Food In Train as well as for other services. Like you can see the live stations where your train is right now, the stations between your boarding station and destination, and whether the train is delay or not, you can also book a hotel with this app near your destination. 

This is considered the best app for food delivery because it can give you 100 % best quality and healthy food. You can also customize your order. If you have some health issue or you don’t like spicy or fried food then you can also place an order for light and simple food of your choice. Moreover, you can also order food according to your kid and grandparents’ preference. Other than that you get a lot of options on the food menu. The zoop app delivers your food on time.

Place an order with the zoop app step-wise step 

The zoop app makes it simple to get online food in train within less time. You can quickly schedule cuisine with this app. Here are the basics of placing an order for food.

The zoop app must be downloaded from the Google Play Store by the passenger.

Then type in the PNR or train number.

Then you’ll be taken to the checkout page, where you can pay in advance or by cash on delivery. It’s entirely up to you.

After that, you will receive an SMS confirming your food order.

Then all you have to do is sit and wait for your food. This is how you can get your food on your seat. 

The advantages of ordering food with the zoop app

There are many advantages of using the zoop app for food ordering. The Best App To Order Food In Train “ZOOP” can provide you following profits.

It can provide you with all the information related to your train.

With just a few steps and your PNR number, you may place an order for food.

You can also order food by phone call or by SMS. You have to call on the number provided on the zoop website. Or directly place an order from the website. 

The delivery boy adheres to the rules as well.

The packing is also verified twice.

On your seat, you will be served hot and delectable cuisine.

This app is the first that is serving the food on trains.

That means the app knows and understand all the requirement of the customer.

You can also book a hotel or search for hotels near your destination. 

It will provide you with quick delivery.

You can get many discounts on the food items. 

Customize food is also available. 

You can order diet or diabetic food. 

Special cultural food is also available for different cultures people. 

This is why the zoop app is one of the best app that every passenger must keep on their phone. So that they can enjoy their journey without any tension. And they will know when to go to the station if the train is late. 

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