Is Using Dialogue in An Analytical Essay Necessary?

Is Using Dialogue in An Analytical Essay Necessary?

Essay writing is an important academic activity due to several reasons. First, it improves students’ understanding of a topic. Second, it pushes students to filter only high-quality information from a data pool to convince the audience on a point of view. Third, it is an exercise that helps students to analyse material for critical judgment. These are some common benefits of essay writing. However, for achieving other benefits, there are so many other types of essays. All are meant for achieving a particular aim. On the same ground, an analytical essay is a type of essay that helps writers to present arguments and claims to explain what they have analysed. In this article, we will discuss analytical essay from different perspectives. In light of the different essentials of analytical essay, the article will explain the importance of dialogues in an analytical essay.

Analytical Writing – A Brief Introduction:

Definition from Oxford language explains the term analytical as ‘something relating to analysing or giving logical reasoning’. In research, it refers to the ability of a person to collect and analyse information for making informed decisions through problem-solving. Brainstorming, detecting patterns, interpreting data, and making decisions are some important skills that help in analytical writing tasks. Thus, an analytical essay is a piece of writing that aims to provide a substantive analysis of a topic of interest. Moreover, the topic of writing such essays may include philosophy. It may also include historical events, scientific research, politics, current affairs, and other literary work.

Purpose Of Writing Analytical Essays:

Broadly, this type of essay benefits writers as well as readers. On one hand, it helps writers in improving their writing as well as thinking skills by enhancing their comprehension of a topic. On the other hand, it allows readers to know more about the area of interest. It is done by reading the logics and reasons provided by another writer. Thus, to facilitate the reader and the author, such essays require to establish an argument and prove it in the light of evidence or logical reasoning. However, this is necessary to buy essay online if you are unable to work on logical reasoning.

Steps To Writing An Analytical Essay:

Establishing a clear point of view is an essential aspect of analytical essays. Furthermore, well-organised ideas, good counter-arguments and thorough research through a variety of sources are also prominent contributors to the overall quality of your essay. The following are some steps that can best help you make an outstanding essay:

  • Choose a point of view
  • Draft an impressive introductory paragraph
  • Clearly state your claim or argument in the introduction
  • Use thesis statement to logically connect body paragraphs
  • Use strong evidence to prove your claim in the body paragraphs
  • Add counterclaims in your essay to reduce biasness
  • Summarise the analysis in conclusion

After discussing an analytical essay in detail, it is the right time to discuss dialogues and their importance in essay writing.

Introduction To Dialogues: 

The literal meaning of the word ‘dialogue’ is a conversation between different people. However, in writing practices, the word dialogue refers to the words and conversations that aim to resolve a problem under study. In academic and research writing, dialogues refer to the use of a certain portion of someone else’s statement or claim. Usually, quotation marks are used to include these dialogues in an essay.

Use Of Dialogues In Essay Writing:

Different types of essays demand different writing styles from authors. For example, in reflective essays, the whole content of your essay revolves around your own personal or lived experience. So you can use the first person to tune your writing style. Moreover, other academic essay writing suggests you stay anonymous and ignore using first-person while establishing an argument. On the same ground, the use of dialogues in essay writing also depends on the type of essay you opt for to discuss a topic. Let us explain different types of essays and explain whether using dialogues in these types is recommended or not:

Descriptive Essay:

These essays aim to describe an event, phenomenon and process. The goal of this essay is to provide enough information that a reader can make a clear picture about the topic of interest. Thus, in descriptive essays, it is acceptable to describe an event in the form of dialogue and direct quotes.

Argumentative Essay:

Anargumentative essay uses facts and evidence to support and establish a claim. In simple words, argumentative essays are all about defending your position in the light of the evidence. Also, the evidence may be in the form of direct quotes and dialogues (to solve a scientific problem). 

Expository Essays:

Expository essays aim to investigate an idea, gather evidence and set forth an argument to either support or oppose ideas in a concise manner. Thus, the argumentative part of the expository essays can be supported by dialogue and a direct quote.

Narrative Essays:

Narrative essays aim to tell a fiction or non-fiction story. These essays often pertain to experimental, anecdotal and personal experiences. If in a narrative essay you are telling someone else’s story, then dialogue aims to prevent your reader from confusion. However, if you are telling your own story, then dialogues have no or very little application in a narrative essay.

The detailed description of dialogues explains that it is the portion or part of the essay that decides whether you need to use dialogue in it or not. We have described in the brief introduction of the analytical essay. It aims to establish an argument using a problem-solving approach to make informed decisions. Thus, in the analytical essay, you can use dialogues to support your claim. You can also use dialogues if you want to restate a definition or importance of a process in the words of a famous personality.

Final Thoughts:

Analytical essay demands researchers to use different methods to explain the topic of interest from all possible dimensions. Arguments, analysis, evidence, and conclusion based on the analysis are important parts of these essays. Different parts of an essay require authors to use different writing approaches. Thus, in the light of the above discussion, we can say that it is not necessary to use dialogues in analytical essays. But if you really want to use them, it can help you support your claim or make a strong argument. You can definitely use dialogues in your essay, but overuse is not recommended at all.


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