Developing Gojek Clone With Less Investment And Enter Into On-Demand Multi-Service Market

Developing Gojek Clone With Less Investment And Enter Into On-Demand Multi-Service Market

A powerfully built multi-services app like Gojek Clone is now seen as the ultimate business solution in 2022. It is the pre-built mobile app that has made entrepreneurs go crazy about its innumerable services and lucrative features. But, what about the traditional way of doing business? Aren’t physical store businesses getting destroyed because of this pre-built app? Well, think it the other way round. This mobile app is the only way to expand your local business and earn hunky profits from it. 

How Can You Develop an App with Low Investment Cost? 

Worried about the financial requirements of your app development? Don’t be! Because purchasing a pre-built solution does not require you to splurge a quarter to a million dollars handy. On the other hand, building the on-demand app solution from scratch will be much more costly. Why is the latter option expensive? 

Building the Gojek Clone app from the ground up is more expensive than a pre-built solution because: 

  1. You have to recruit and hire an entire team of dedicated app developers, designers, marketers, etc. 
  2. You need to pay monthly salaries to the professionals, pay for the Provident Fund, Insurance, Incentives, etc. 
  3. Buy or rent an office. 
  4. Purchase expensive software, licenses, and other tools. 
  5. Incur ongoing costs. 

All these costs will easily cough up USD 250,000. I know it sounds like one has to rob a bank to get that much money. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase the pre-built on-demand multi-service app as: 

  1. It is made with the latest technology. 
  2. Has all the relevant and robust features. 
  3. It only takes 1 to 2 weeks to develop and launch a super app like Gojek.

Since the development doesn’t happen from scratch, it will save you a boatload of money during the Gojek clone app development. 

Get Ready to Purchase a Pre-built Multi-services App

It is crucial to invest in only the best pre-built app solution. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you have to do this before anything else: 

  1. Find a white-labeling firm 

A white-labeling firm sells pre-built solutions to entrepreneurs looking for a multi-services app for their business. Thus, it is essential that you find a perfectly crafted solution. For that, you need to follow this checklist: 

  • Has a decade-long industry experience. 
  • The firm has launched 1200+ on-demand apps now. 
  • Have video testimonials of their clients on the website and social media channels. 
  • Follows a strict NDA or Privacy Policy.
  • They will zip and send the Gojek clone app’s lifetime licensed source code for one domain. 
  1. Take the demo app trial

A demo app is basically a sample of what the actual product looks like or works like. Despite your confidence in the quality of the app, it is essential to try the demo app for as long as you want to. The demo app will give you an overview of how the app will work in real-time. Besides that, the entrepreneur will get to note what changes do they want in their app such as: 

  • Where to place the company’s name and logo. 
  • Integrate preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateways. 
  • Change the color theme of the app and the website. 

Before summing up the blog, there’s something you should know about the all-in-one super app demo trial. The well-established and licensed white-labeling firm will never charge you for the Gojek clone demo app trials. The trial must be FREE of cost! 


On the whole, developing apps like the Gojek clone at a lower investment cost is now available. Besides being affordable, the white-labeled multi-services apps are high-quality too. 

The best part is that if you find a trustworthy white-labeling firm, they will launch your app in only 1 to 2 weeks!


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