Become an Advanced practitioner with Akashic Records Certification

Become an Advanced practitioner with Akashic Records Certification

It is crucial to understand that you are reading these words because you have been called; something within you has already been working on getting you to this point.

Akashic Records Reading is the easiest way to access immense spiritual depth. Before studying what the Akashic Records Certification program offers, here is some information on Akasha and the Records themselves.

The Akasha is what?

The Sanskrit term “akasha” means “ether” in English. It is an energetic field.

Those who speak of the Akasha, the essence of life, refer to energy in its most fundamental form. As a result, it has been influence by your unique ideas and feelings during this existence.

What Are The Akashic Records?

A vibrational record of each soul’s journey is keep in the Akashic Records, a dimension of consciousness. In addition, the Records are a repository of information that records everything that every soul has ever done, spoken, or thought during its existence. More crucially, it contains all aspirations and potential outcomes. As a result, you might think of the Records as an interim collection of all potentialities, probabilities, and eventualities from the past, present, and future. You might get insight and guidance from them. As you set out to become your best selves in the physical world.

What else should you know about the Records? 

The Records are:

  • A motivator for expanding your delight and letting go of unhelpful or unsupportive attitudes.
  • A healing catalyst
  • Non-invasive and non-intrusive
  • They are available to everyone and are not the sole purview of any particular religion or school of thinking.
  • A revolutionary chance to look at life and oneself from a radically different perspective

The goal of Akashic Records training, workshop, and certification is to take esoteric ideas and present them in a detailed. Practical, and understanding way so that anyone with the will can learn and use this profound yet essential instrument. As well as Instead of depending on other people to serve as that bridge, Akashic Records certification will help you establish a connection with the Divine. 

What Will You Learn? 

As you are all aware, the Akashic record are said to be a library containing every soul’s knowledge and wisdom. By studying this Akashic records training course, you will learn more about the records. As well as how to access and understand them for yourself and others.

The Akashic Records: What are they? Where are they keep? Why are they read by people? What is the meaning of the word “Akashic”? By offering answers to all of these queries and a thorough understanding of the ideas that underlie the Akashic records and Akashic reading. The course serves as an introduction to the topic.

You will expand your knowledge by learning more about the “Hall” or “Library” where the records are kept by starting with this information as a base. You will be aware of what a ‘Soul Book’ is and what its contents entail and are guide through the concepts of eternal life and vengeance and their importance in your comprehension of the Akashic records.

Akashic Records Training Course

The Akashic Records training course offers hands-on instruction on accessing the Akashic records in addition to the theoretical portion of your studies. The following access techniques will be covers:

  • Astral projection
  • Seeking help from angels or a spiritual being
  • Akashic meditation
  • Prayer.

You’ll also discuss the ‘Clair’ skill set, the value of doubt and trust when developing your powers, and techniques to record and improve your sessions to boost access to the records.


Moreover, even if you don’t have a specific inquiry. You could still want to query the Akashic records once you have access to them to discover more about yourself. In the Akashic Records Certification, you’ll learn about four potent inquiries you might make to advance your spirituality:

  • What is the origin of your soul?
  • In between lifetimes, what have you been preparing for?
  • What are you trying to learn here?
  • What are you suppose to be adding here?

Many people find it helpful to employ a spiritual “framework” or belief system as they peruse the Akashic records to interpret what they discover. The seven realms, life lessons, soul groups of origin, and archetypes are just a few of the different parts and components that might make up a framework that you’ll study in this course. You can also learn about

In addition to giving the information you need to access and read the Akashic Records. The training covers techniques that can help to develop your skills further. You’ll discover what intention purification, shadow work, and deep listening are and how each can be beneficial.

Wrap Up: 

Moreover, You might want to offer to read other people’s records as you gain confidence in your own abilities to read Akashic record. Akashic Record Certification offers guidance on how to conduct yourself ethically. How to determine what to charge, and why understanding energetic protection and management is crucial.

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