Top 5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools | 2022

Top 5 Twitter Hashtag Tracking and Analytics Tools | 2022

While every social media platform offers a different purpose. Twitter is highly used as a blogging platform for its users to vent out their opinions and experiences. Hence, it has exploded in popularity with monthly users of 229 million. 

Twitter is highly used by Twitterati to express their thoughts about various topics starting right from an upcoming web series, to a political leader to any ongoing controversy. 

Since Chris Messina was the first person to use a hashtag on the platform, many users have started to speak about brands using specific hashtags.

If you are a Twitter user, it is obvious that you too must be using Hashtags in your tweets. It does not just help brands discover the content and also helps segregate it.

To make the most of it, brands have begun to leverage Twitter hashtag tracking tools and analyze customers’ tweets about their brand.

If you Google, you will be able to see numerous hashtag tracking and analytics tools that work perfectly to track, embed, and analyze your Twitter widget with ease. However, it is critical to pick and choose the best fit that suits your needs and requirements.

Make your way till the end of this post, as we will be telling you about a few tools that can help you with this strategy.

Let’s get started!

Best Tools For Tracking Hashtags And For Analytics

1. Taggbox Widget

We are starting off the list with the Taggbox widget –  a leading platform that is used by its users to aggregate, curate, and embed content from various social media platforms including Twitter. While aggregating the content, the users get an option to choose their connection type i.e.- the source from which they wish to aggregate the content. The users can select Hashtag as their preferred connection type. Type in the name of the hashtag and aggregate content accordingly. 

Users can leverage various options to make the Twitter widget more attractive and effective. The users can leverage features like making the widget attractive using various styling options. Additionally, they can work on the quality of content using the profanity filter. 

The users also get an opportunity to track the performance of the hashtag content after publishing it on the website. The users can get detailed insights like the number of likes, clicks, total impressions, etc. To see how the website visitors are reacting to the content. Overall, this tool is super responsive and completes the process in a couple of minutes. 

2. Trendsmap 

The second tool for the process which is super easy to use due to its beginner-friendly interface is Trendsmap. The tool users simply need to type in the hashtag term to determine how trending the particular hashtag is. 

The tool gives information to its users about how often the tag is used to tweet highlighting the particular time. The other insights that the users can get are related to the number of retweets and the regions/zones in which the hashtag is trending and used by Twitter users. Trendsmap generates a proper report about the same to the users in a proper format.

3. Hashtagify

The next hashtag tracking tool on the list is Hashtagify. The tool allows the users to type in a certain keyword. And they would be able to track the top 10 hashtags that are closely associated with the typed keyword. Additionally, the users can also track how famous and used the hashtags are. 

In terms of analytics, the users can analyze the performance and usage of the hashtag. Most importantly, this tool gives access to its users to compare hashtags and select the perfect fit. 

4. Talkwalker 

Next up is Talkwalker, a tool that allows its users to search for any topic and get full information and insights about what is trending on Twitter. 

Users can get insights like trending Twitter posts, leading hashtags, the countries where they are most popular, etc.

5. Keyhole

The last yet one of the most responsive tools on the list is Keyhole. The users of this tool can track any business account, relevant hashtags, mentions, keywords, etc. 

Moreover, based on the hashtag selected, the users can get an analysis of details like overall engagement, impressions, and reach on social media. 

Key Takeaways

Hashtags have become an integral part of Twitter marketing and in order to reach out to your potential customers. You need to include the right and result-driven ones in your marketing journey. 

Reaching the conclusion of this post, you got to know about the most responsive Twitter hashtag tracking and analytics tools. All these tools can be used efficiently and with ease without any technical or coding difficulties. Go on now, start using the tool that sounds most promising to you and you will be amazed at the results for sure!


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