A Brief Summary of Rafe Cameron Relationships on “Outer Banks”

A Brief Summary of Rafe Cameron Relationships on “Outer Banks”

This article will provide a brief summary of the Outer Banks character, Rafe Cameron. We will look at Rafe’s relationships with Kelce, Sarah, and Topper. We’ll also discuss whether Rafe is a narcissist or has paranoid tendencies. As Rafe’s character on the show, Rafe needs time to heal. Until then, we’ll have to wait for season three.

Outer Banks character rafe cameron

Netflix’s drama Outer Banks is an instant hit, and Drew Starkey, who plays Rafe Cameron, deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of the eponymous character. As one of the most troubled teenagers in Outer Banks, Rafe’s need for acceptance has snowballed into the character. It’s a good thing Rafe’s sister is able to identify the truth about her brother’s past, as she is the only relative able to recognize the machinations of his father.

As the son of a sheriff, Rafe has a dark past. In the first season, Rafe murdered the sheriff and tried to kill JB. He also shoots John B. and Sarah, and threatens Rose and Pope. The show’s plot arc isn’t over, though. Rafe isn’t happy with his life, and he is unable to move on.

His relationship with Kelce

If you think Rafe Cameron’s relationship with Kelces was a whirlwind romance, you should rethink that opinion. The former Redskin star was significantly taller than Kelce and it was difficult to imagine him holding her hand. Kelce is an avid reader of the X-Files and Kelce is a frequent guest on her podcast. She even has an opinion on Rafe’s sex life.

Kelce’s relationship with Rafe was initially shaky and rocky. Rafe was blissfully unaware of his affair with Kelce, but after hearing Kelce’s words, he started to question his actions. Rafe was a victim of a vicious bullying cycle at school, but he realized what he had done and made amends with Kelce. The two later mended their rift, but the drama continues.

Outer Banks Season 2 ended on a montage of three storylines. In a bizarre twist, JJ nearly gets caught trying to break John B. out of jail, but the jailer is actually dead, so Ward bought security guards to make it look like John B had committed suicide. Rafe, meanwhile, attempts to drown his own sister, while Kie is caught trying to rob John B.

His relationship with Topper

If you’ve ever watched the TV show “Twilight,” you probably noticed Rafe Cameron’s relationship with Topter. When the two met, Rafe was a troubled teen who had a difficult time coping with the demands of a romantic relationship. He acted hesitant, stiffening his shoulders when Topper came over. As a result, he wasn’t at ease talking to you. Afterward, he asked you if you were the one who was waiting for him.

When they first met, they were friends. However, in high school, Rafe had a difficult time relating to other students. The relationship started to deteriorate when Topper ceased to hang out with the rest of his friends. He would often be relegated to his room, and Sarah would usually grab his arm and pull him to her. As the two began to become more intimate, Topper began to show signs of jealousy toward her, and she felt resentment towards Topper.

His relationship with Sarah

Rafe Cameron relationship with Sarah begins on the day after she is found by John B. She is a bit agitated because she is not able to find the bathroom. As she is walking through the hallway, she is interrupted by Topper, yelling for Sarah. “Sarah!” She turns and looks at him, but Rafe groans in her neck. Sarah then looks away and runs to check on her makeup in the bathroom.

Final Words:

The story of Rafe Cameron and Sarah has many twists and turns. It starts with the fact that they are cousins, but then they start dating. Though they have never been caught together, their relationship has been kept secret by the two of them. The two work as caterers, and they are insanely close. However, Sarah is still very suspicious of Rafe, so she is wary of him.


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