9 Must-Have Design Features for a Luxury Custom Home

9 Must-Have Design Features for a Luxury Custom Home

A luxury custom home is designed to meet the needs and desires of people with high-end tastes. The home should have all of the latest amenities, built with beautiful materials and crafted with care by skilled luxury custom home builders. It should reflect who you are and how you want to live, which  means paying attention to every detail.

If you are planning to build the luxury custom home of your dreams, let this article be your guide to some of the must-have features that will make it stand out from the rest.

Features to Look for When Building a Luxury Custom Home

Feature #1. High-Quality Fixtures

When it comes to luxury custom homes, nothing should be overlooked. High-quality fixtures and finishes are essential for any luxurious home and it includes everything from the floors to the walls to the appliances. Everything must be top-notch because these homes are meant for people who expect only the best!

Feature #2. Spacious Entryway

A spacious entryway is an important feature of any luxury home. You want to be able to make a grand entrance into your new home, and you want guests to feel like they’re walking into a castle  when they enter your house. You can accomplish this  by making sure that the door is large and heavy, as well as having a long staircase leading up to it.

Feature #3. Outdoor Space

A well-built outdoor living space is also a must-have for a luxury custom home design. That means having an area where you can relax outside during nice weather and plenty of space for entertaining guests in your backyard or patio area. It’s also important that these areas are accessible from inside the house so that it feels like one cohesive unit rather than two separate entities.

Feature #4. Ample Natural and Artificial Light

Nothing reflects luxury better than a well-lit house. Your home should be bright and airy with ample natural and artificial light. Natural light can be achieved through large windows or skylights, while artificial light can be added with more decorative fixtures such as chandeliers or sconces.

Feature #5. High Ceilings

High ceilings give a room a sense of grandeur and allow you to fully appreciate your beautiful architectural details. Not only that, but high ceilings also make rooms seem larger and spacious than it is by creating more vertical space between floors and walls.

Feature #6. A Spacious Master Bedroom

A luxury custom home should have more than one bedroom, but its largest bedroom must serve as the master suite. This room should feel like an oasis: relaxing yet elegant, with high-quality furniture pieces and decorating touches that make it feel luxurious and comfortable at once

Whether you are an avid reader or want to watch Netflix in bed, your luxury custom home builder should make sure that there is enough space for everything! It needs to have ample space for a king-sized bed, walk-in closet and dressing area, and an en suite bathroom with a luxurious spa tub.

Feature #7, Luxurious Spa-Like Bathroom

A luxury spa-like bathroom means having a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads as well as soaking tubs for those days when you just want to relax after a long day at work. Make sure that it has plenty of storage space for towels and toiletries. You can also consider having a  private dressing room or wardrobe with mirrors that allow you to admire yourself while getting ready for the day ahead at your new home in Melbourne.

Feature #8. A Well-Design Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home because it is where most families spend their time together during holidays and special occasions. A luxury custom home will have an open plan kitchen that allows you to interact with family members while preparing food or having breakfast together at the breakfast bar or dining table.

Feature #9. Choice Based Elements

Home Theatre – a room dedicated to watching movies and TV is also a great place for guests to hang out and watch games or movies with you.

Gym – if you want to stay healthy, having an indoor or outdoor place where you can work out is essential.

A Wine Cellar – if you’re hosting parties and gatherings frequently, having a place where guests can pick their favourite wines will give them something fun to do while they’re waiting for dinner or drinks.

An Outdoor BBQ Area – What better way to enjoy gorgeous weather and grilling some delicious food outside? Build an outdoor BBQ area so your guests can relax while they dine!

Final Words

Whether you’re just starting the planning process for building your custom home from scratch or planning a home renovation in Melbourne, we hope this guide was helpful. A luxury custom home has to be able to express the lifestyle and personality of the family that will live within it.

We want to wrap things up by mentioning the importance of hiring an experienced custom home builder like At Bespoke home to work on your dream home project. The right builder of your new home in Melbourne will be able to take these basic designs and transform them into a beautiful residence for generations to come.


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