Contrasting views about traditional and modern marketing strategies

Expansion of business is possible with the perfect combination of promotion activities and quality of service. Telling your near and dear ones about your new venture and spreading the word about the experience of your customers will lead to more business. However, just talking about your business is never sufficient.

What any business needs are a dedicated marketing plan. A clear idea about how to make people aware of a company is necessary for effective marketing. For taking a venture across geographies you need a place like the marketing agency in NYC.

Marketing agencies NYC using multiple marketing strategies help in the growth of your business. These marketing strategies can be either traditional, modern or a mix of both. Looking at the current market scenario, modern business marketing strategies are a must in almost every industry.

Traditional marketing strategies

When we talk about traditional marketing strategies, the focus is mainly on methods that are in existence for decades. Irrespective of how old these techniques get they are still proving to be helpful in the promotion of any venture. 

Following are the common traditional marketing strategies that are impactful even today:

  • Business cards – All of you will agree that the business cards bring a personal touch to your meeting. Even today we want to ask for a business card from anyone we expect to meet in future. The idea of business cards is deeply inherited in our minds. There is no new or old entrepreneur that does not own a business card.
  • TV and radio ads – Be it sports lovers, movie lovers or anyone else, television and radio are a part of our lives. Listening to the radio while driving and watching TV on Sundays has its own charm. This is exactly why TV and radio advertising is still one of the most popular marketing ideas.
  • Billboards and signages – Even when the world is moving towards digitalization, we still find huge billboards on highways and high traffic areas. Getting a beautiful billboard and signage for your business can never go out of fashion.
  • Brochures and flyers – Every time we visit any service provider, the first thing we look for is a brochure. Distribution of flyers and brochures is the best way of providing information to the public.

All the above mentioned traditional methods are still in use because they come with their unique benefits. In terms of reaching a wider market, traditional methods like television advertisements are effective. When we talk about staying creative in our marketing efforts then business cards, signages, brochures, etc come into play. Furthermore, for businesses wanting to stick to the local areas, there is nothing better than the traditional marketing strategies.

While there are numerous benefits of traditional marketing strategies, we are still moving swiftly towards modern concepts. This is due to the fact that traditional marketing is not very interactive in nature. With traditional marketing, we are reaching out to only a small group of target customers at a time. This means that traditional marketing strategies come with certain opportunity costs.

Modern marketing strategies:

The current era is all about an inclination towards the internet. Your current and potential customers are both active on the internet. As a result, the modern marketing concepts are a mix of various digital marketing strategies.

Below are some modern marketing strategies that are showing impressive results across industries:

  • Internet ads – So many times while surfing the internet we come across a product that we want to buy for a while. Internet advertising is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to the target market.
  • Email marketing – In order to promote a business, you need to customize your approach. Email marketing allows you to work on the customization aspect. Sending an email with the right message definitely brings more business.
  • E-commerce website – For any business selling a tangible product, owning an e-commerce website is a must. The moment you tell someone about your venture, they instantly ask about your website. Having an e-commerce website provides organic growth.
  • Social media – Every age group nowadays is present on social media. When your customers are on certain platforms then it becomes important to be active on social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc are highly effective in modern marketing.

There are not just one or two reasons behind the swift move in the direction of modern marketing. All the modern marketing concepts are clearly providing a higher return on investment. These strategies are superior in terms of deeper customer engagement. For anyone wanting to reach the global markets modern marketing is impactful and cost-effective.

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Just like everything else, modern marketing strategies also come with a flip side. Because modern marketing is all about the internet, it requires technical skill. As a result, the execution of modern marketing is practically time-consuming. 

Bottom line:

Now that you are aware of the contrasting features of traditional and modern marketing, you are capable of judging what suits your business. Both these concepts come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, for any business, choosing a mix of traditional and modern strategies is important. For the same, all you need is to contact the best marketing agency. Rely on their experience and skill for the expansion of your business.

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