You cannot miss out on these points when choosing hats for different faces

You cannot miss out on these points when choosing hats for different faces

Discovering the best hat for your face shape is a very challenging activity. It may seem the same, but all hats have a different fitting. After all, every hat is not the same. You cannot say that what suits you will suit somebody else. Every hat is created differently and has a distinct set of characteristics. The same hat will look great on one individual but may not communicate the same feeling to the next person. Well, that’s all right. 

It’s because perfect hats do not exist. You have to experiment with the different options to see which suits your personality and face shape. Before delving deep into these options, you have to understand why you are wearing a hat when you get the answer to why the rest of the thing follows. 

  • What are the primary hat considerations? 

Well, there are two distinct areas to bring under consideration. The first is the measurement of the head with the help of measuring tape or a flexible item, and the second is finding the correct hat that goes with your face shape. Remember that every head and face has a distinct ratio. You must have a comprehensive conception of the circumference of the head, and after that, you have to get into the facial features. You may use the toolbox measuring tape or ruler, whatever is available in your place. You can also take the help of the measuring tape available in the hat shops to cater to your interest. 

  • Face shapes: the long one

Wide-brimmed headwear like sun hats, cowboy hats, and wide-brimmed fedora hats are the best options for individuals with a long face. You can try them only if you think you can pull it off. You cannot exaggerate the facial features. Avoid beanies because they will give a head-hugging impression that does not go with your facial characteristics.

Hailing from Ecuador, Panama hats are available in different shapes, sizes, and equations. You can go for the neutral shades of Panama hats that go well with formal and informal attire. You can also go for wide-brimmed Panama hats, which are very much in fashion. Try to create a balanced impression by cutting down on the forehead portion. 

  • What about styling hats with a round face? 

If you have a round and plump facial structure, you are blessed. Remember that you can experiment with almost any option available in the market. You can choose any hat wide brim, and it will look exactly how you want it. Go for the headwear opposite in features like the angular ones and not rounded ones. You can style these with retro outfits as well as breasted suits. Cloches, fedora, and beanies are the best options for round-faced individuals. Truer caps and snapbacks are also a worthwhile option for creating an elongated impression with headwear. 

  • The benefit of a square face

How cool is it to have a square face with sharp angular features? You can overly exaggerate every aspect of your facial characteristics. If you want to create a stylish impression with headwear, you have to go for wide-brimmed floppy headwear. Cowboy hats, cloches, and sun hats are the best options for these individuals with square faces. These create a distinctive appeal and make you look as stylish as possible. Moreover, they shorten the exaggerated effect of the long face and make you look sporty. You can also go for floppy headwear because they create a stylish and impressive statement. 

  • Options for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces are exactly how it sounds. Individuals with this type of facial feature have multiple benefits. You can go for fedora hats, newsboy caps, and baseball caps. It will make you look smart and attractive. You can beautifully play with the jawline if you go with a clipped brim with angles to accentuate the upper face’s wideness. 

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However, you have to stay away from floppy brims because you do not require extra volume at the top part of your face. Heart-shaped faces, as the name suggests, are narrower on the downside. Hence, you have to go for cowboy hats, wide-brimmed headwear, and sun hats for cutting across the forehead and shortening the exaggerated effect of the long facial characteristic. 

  • The diamond-shaped faces

Individuals with diamond face shapes have specific vital points to keep in mind. When styling yourself with hats, you have to pay attention to the hat width and the crown. You have to mitigate the facial features to create a shorter appeal. Go for hats that play with a pointed jawline and make you feel comfortable.

To style yourself appropriately, you may select potpie hats with shallow crowns and gentle dent. It looks simple, but you can look different with different hats. It would help if you tried something unique about hat styles. 


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