How to Change Store Email Addresses in Magento 2

How to Change Store Email Addresses in Magento 2

Magento 2 is an online platform that lets people on the internet sell things and set up their e-commerce businesses with free themes and Cursed Text Generator. Many services are providing fast Magento hosting for its users. When a site owner begins selling on the Magento 2 site, changing store email addresses is the most necessary task. One could have up to five separate email addresses one per store or view to reflect numerous purposes or sections. In addition to the basic email identities shown below, you can create three unique identities based on your requirements.

  • General Contact
  • Sales Representative 
  • Customer Service

Every account and its linked email address may be connected to certain automatic work emails and show as a sender of emails sent out by your shop. The contact us page will be emailed to a separate address. By directing concerns to the appropriate departments, you may save admin effort and assure speedier responses.

After updating the Store Email Addresses, we suggest that you install the SMTP plugin to check and ensure that everything is working properly. 

Steps to change Store Email Address

Following are the steps which you can implement to change your store email address. 

Step 1: Establish your Domain’s Email Address

Every email address has to be registered as a legitimate email address for your domain so that you can set up them for the shop. To create the email account required, follow the guide provided by your web server or online hosting supplier.

Step 2: Create your Store’s Email Address

You can create email accounts for General Contact, Sales Representative, and Customer Service at this stage.

  • Click Stores on the Admin sidebar. Then, underneath the Settings menu, select Configuration.
  • Select Store Email Addresses from the General tab on the left.
  • Select the General Contact area and do the following actions:
    • Enter the name of the person who will serve as the recipient of any emails connected with the General Contact identity in the Sender Name box.
    • Enter the related email address in the Sender Email area.
    • Repeat this procedure for every shop email address you choose to utilize.
    • When finished, click Save Config.

Step 3: Make changes to the SalesEmail Configuration

You would then modify the emails that would appear on business records like sales, bills, shipments, and credit notes. If you are using personal email addresses, be sure to change the settings of any connected personal emails so that the right recipient displays.

  • Select Sales Emails from the Sales tab on the left. There is a section on the page for each of the following:
    • Order and Order Comments
    • Invoice and Invoice Comments
    • Shipment and Shipment Comments
    • Credit Memo, as well as Credit Memo Comments
  • Select the tab for each item, beginning with Order, and ensure that the right sender is chosen.
  • When finished, click Save Config.

Final words

It’s as simple as that to change your store’s email address in Magento 2. By using these steps, you may construct a stronger email management solution while also vastly improving your buyers’ experiences.


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