How to choose the best driving instructor for you

When it comes to finding a Driving instructor then you may have a lot of questions in your mind which is the best driving school and which is more popular and known for providing the best services that guide you from the basics. In this article,
you will learn a few steps to keep in mind while choosing the best driving instructor

Here lookout some checklist

Focus on reputation

People always pay attention to where things are available at cheap rates. So first, always research before booking a driving instructor. Today social media is a more powerful place to check businesses’ presence and  their reputations, Do your own investigation, use social reviews and groups to ask from communities,  they can suggest highly recommended driving institutes, 

Choose your driving instructor based on recommendations rather than money. A cheap driving instructor may be inexpensive because of a poor reputation, making it difficult to acquire work, or because of poor teaching habits and efficiency

Also, you can get reviews from ex-students and ask about their overall learning experience and observation. These techniques help more to get a better decision.

Check qualifications

Ensure that the driving instructor you are considering is fully qualified, experienced, insured, and preferably connected to an association with a Code of Practice that they must follow. Keys2drive, an Australia‚Äôs Government program that aims to provide learner drivers with a free driving lesson. 

Ask questions

So, once you find an instructor, it is important to talk with your driving instructor  

By asking some questions such as:

  • What are their methods to teach? Ask their techniques
  • The choice for selecting vehicles 
  • Whether they have updated education materials that follow Australian Government policy to give students after their classes.
  • Any education/money return policy support when you are not satisfied.
  • Ask for training will be personal for the entire duration of lessons?
    (some instructors pick up other students during the lesson to save the time)

Availability and flexibility?

Keep in mind that driving instructors can be very busy during driving lessons. Your instructor should be more flexible with your needs, as well as punctual.

Ask to commit to a regular time slot, it will be much easier to get lessons and the instructor should commit to you. Check meeting location with the instructor – whether it can be at your place, school, or at any location. If this changes, please ask the instructor for flexible time.

Cancellation policy

Ask the instructor about the cancellation policy, If you want to abort the lessons and want to quit driving school due to some reasons,  they must have a Cancellation policy for such exceptional situations.

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