Anti Captcha- How Should I Solve Captcha!

Anti Captcha- How Should I Solve Captcha!

Captcha is one of the most common yet important parts of the internet. It all started as a fun game in the late ’90s when some researchers started to show images to AI to decipher to find out if it can recognize these images. Humans with their natural OCR ability can decipher these codes but bots couldn’t complete them and this resulted in a new security system for the websites. For decades and even now, it has performed very well in terms of securing the website. It performed so well that the service anti captcha came into existence to get the captcha to solve.

Captcha is usually some scrambled images of letters or words that need to be deciphered. If users are unable to solve them, they cannot continue further. Anticaptcha on the other hand is used to crack these captcha codes for the user who cannot do it on their own. There are several reasons that this captcha cannot be solved. Here are some ways to solve these captcha types.

Reset Connection

This is something that we often see as a meme but it is the most basic way to fix the captcha. Captcha requires a consistent internet connection when being loaded or submitted. It is possible that your internet malfunction while submitting a captcha and all you see is a sinning animation or captcha being submitted. If you are sure that you can submit the captcha correctly then wait for a little. If it is still happening then before going to anti captcha, try to reset your connection and see what happened. Most of the time this will fix the issue. If it isn’t happening then continue reading.

Zoom In the Captcha

When you are about to solve the captcha and are unable to understand what is inside the captcha then it is better to zoom the captcha image. This may sound weird to some but this is a working trick for several users. Sometimes, a captcha image can be too small to observe that you might want to take a deep look at what is written on it and what would be the best way to zoom in the image to the level that you can see it properly what is written or distorted in the image.

The “W” or “M” Error

Sometimes the captcha itself is the culprit behind not being solved. Several times, captcha is designed in a way that letters such as M or W may seem the same. They may have been placed in a way that you mistook them the same and this submitting a wrong answer. To avoid this, take your time to understand it a little the captcha before using your anti captcha key.

The” Zero” Error

This is another common error in the captcha-solving situation. You may have come across a captcha where you have found the word “0” and the letter “O” together and mistaken them. This is due to the poor design of the captcha that may be causing the problem for the users. If you are facing this situation then repeat the captcha by switching your replies or analyze your captcha thoroughly for a better idea.

The “l” and “I” Error

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes in solving a captcha is finding the difference between the “I” and small “l”. They are the most confusing letters in the ABC as they both look the same in their small and capital form. This can be quite frustrating for anyone who is in rush but unable to understand the captcha. If your captcha keeps saying that a wrong answer was detected then you should take a look at this before submitting or you can use the anti captcha API.

“6” and “8” Problem

Though for any of us, both of these letters are different. But when you see a poorly designed captcha with too many background items then you may mistake 8 like 6 or 6 as 8. This can be quite annoying for the user with vision impairments as they will be unable to find the right answer even after so many attempts. If your captcha is being rejected then take a look at your answer and the image before submitting it.

A Case of Sensitivity

Most of them won’t care about the case sensitivity before submitting our answers. On the other hand, some captcha will not care about the case sensitivity before accepting the answer. However, sometimes your captcha will be rejected because you didn’t put the letter in the same order as in the image. This can be a serious problem because you have no idea what is going on in this “case” so it is better to input the letters according to the image you have been provided with.

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Reload The Captcha

If you are unable to submit the captcha after this much effort then don’t drive yourself crazy. Instead, you should look for the reload captcha button. Usually, it is located around the captcha or near the captcha. You can still reload it complete the captcha and submit it. Not only just that if you don’t find the button you can still reload the whole age to change the captcha as most of the time it will change.

Audio Captcha

Sometimes, the visual captcha may not seem to work because of poor design or just annoyingly placed words and letters. There will be an audio button available near the captcha. If this is so then you should play the audio captcha and take a closer look at what it is saying. You are more likely to find the right answer.

Captcha Solving Services

If nothing seems to work then you can simply go for the captcha solving services. Such as anti captcha. You can submit the captcha code and depend on how hard the captcha is, it will be solved within no time. This is perhaps the final and best way to get the captcha solved. The service solves the captcha by using real human intelligence so there is less likely to have the wrong captcha. If you are also stuck on a captcha submission even though you know you are doing it right then go for such a captcha solving service for better solutions.


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