Gaming laptop buying guide

Gaming laptop buying guide

What are the best laptops?

The best gaming laptops can be defined as those that have high performance processors, great graphics cards, and good battery life. These three factors make them perfect for playing games and watching movies. They’re not only powerful but they’re also portable and affordable.

How much do gaming laptops cost?

A gaming laptop usually costs between $500 and $2000. Laptops under $1000 tend to be low-quality while those over $1500 are generally considered premium models.

Where can I find cheap gaming laptops?

You can find cheap gaming laptops at online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Newegg. You can also check out refurbished laptops from places like Dell Outlet.

Major Things to keep in mind while buying a gaming laptop.


The processor is the brain of your computer. It’s what makes everything happen fast or slow. In terms of computers, the processor is what controls the flow of data between the keyboard and monitor. When choosing a gaming laptop, you want to make sure that it has a powerful processor. You can do this by looking at the speed of the processor. A faster processor means that your games will load quicker and play smoother.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is like the memory in your phone. It’s where you store information while using apps or surfing the web. The amount of RAM you have determines how much information you can store at once. More RAM allows you to open more windows, surf the internet, watch videos, use apps, etc. If you’re planning on playing games, you’ll need a lot of RAM.

Hard Drive

Your hard drive is similar to the space in your phone. It holds all of your pictures, music, and other files. The bigger the hard drive, the more room you have to store things. However, if you don’t need a large hard drive, then you should choose a smaller model.


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