12 Best Free Logo Design Apps For Android & iOS of 2022

12 Best Free Logo Design Apps For Android & iOS of 2022

A logo is vital for every business whether you’re operating online or offline. Don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer to make a logo for your company? You don’t have to when you have got a free logo design app at your service!

You could be watching TV on your Cox cable deals and quickly design a cool logo without putting much thought into it. The logo design apps are simple to use. Some even come with built-in templates that you use and customize based on your brand colors to create a nice logo. There’s no rocket science involved!

Without further ado, let’s check out the most user-friendly logo design apps compatible with Android and iOS to help you design a logo.

1: Brandee

When you’re looking for something really simple to use, Brandee has your back. The app consists of 500 themes and symbols divided into genres and categories. This makes it simpler to pick a theme that suits your business. Once you have chosen the theme or template you want to go with, just customize it and you will have your logo ready!

2: Canva

Another great user-friendly and free app to design a logo straight from your smartphone is Canva. You can even add text to your logo in different fonts. You can either choose from their logo design templates or start from scratch.

There is an entire design dashboard you can use to design a brand logo in your brand colors. It’s super easy to use from either desktop or your phone. Besides logos, Canva can help you with creating a wide range of marketing materials for your business such as flyers, business cards, social media posts, and more.  

3: PosterMyWall

It’s just like Canva but better! The app includes easy-to-use tools and professionally designed templates for businesses of all types. these templates can be customized so that you can create a unique identity for your business’ logo.

4: Design Mantic

This free logo maker lets you create unlimited logos for your business. All it takes is 3 steps to create a logo of your choice. You start by choosing the logo design. Then you customize it and finally save it on your phone. It’s that simple!

5: Logo Maker Shop

It’s just as useful as any other app on this list. Logo Maker Shop includes 1000+ built-in templates to choose from. Pick whatever template you like and customize it using the tools provided within the app. If you call yourself a non-techy person, The Logo Maker Shop will make your task easy! It’s really easy to use. Everything is self-explanatory which means anyone can use this app.

Besides cool fonts, colors, styles, doodles, and background features, there is so much more to choose from to design a logo that suits your business.

6: LogoSopic

Want to create a logo in typography? Download LogoSopic. It includes 840+ adaptable logo templates. The advanced editing tools of the app allow you to become a master in logo creation. For the typography logo, choose from more than one hundred handpicked fonts inside the app and create an eye-catching business logo.

7: DesignEvo

For total beginners, this is a nice logo design app to get started with. Even businesses can use it for logo creation. If you don’t have an in-house design team and you lack the technical knowledge to create a logo, this app will come to your rescue. Download it on your phone and you will be ready to start working on your very own logo.

8: Wix Logo Maker

If you have chosen Wix as your CMS for logo designing, you can use Wix’s logo maker to create your company logo too. It’s very simple to use even if you don’t know how to make a logo, this tool has your back. there are countless customizable options available. The UI is quite appealing and there is not much learning curve.

9: Hatchful

Here’s another straightforward that will help you save a lot of time. The attractive interface of this app will allow you to get started ASAP.  This custom logo maker lets you create a professional logo within seconds (that’s what their tagline literally says).

Besides using it for creating logos, Hatchful also shines if you want to create branding packages. There are endless design possibilities for you to build a unique brand.

10: LogoDrill

This may not be the best logo design tool out there but it can help you create lots of unique logos. You get to select your industry, choose from the designs, and then customize the logo till you’re ready

Summing Up

It is not that simple to design a logo from scratch but with these logo design apps, you will be able to create your very first logo without the designer’s help. You might have to give it a few tries in the beginning but it shouldn’t take too long to learn how to create your logo.


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