Bir Billing’s Three Pals on a Trip

Bir Billing’s Three Pals on a Trip


Bir Billing is a Himachal Pradesh town near the Kangra Valley. People from all over the world come to learn about ecotourism and meditation. There is a strong Tibetan presence in the area that can be seen. The Tibetan colony on the outskirts of Bir is the most populous in the region. When the Dalai Lama fled Tibet amid Chinese instability in 1960, the colony was formed. To get to India, he travelled for two weeks. Chokling Rinpoche founded the Bir Tibetan Colony after his exile. Many Tibetan monasteries, institutes, schools, medical centres, eateries, lodging facilities, a Tibetian handicraft centre, and other facilities can be found in the Tibetan colony. Bir billing shot to fame in 2016 as it hosted the inaugural paragliding world cup. Bir Billing is a company that specialises in billing.

 India’s Paragliding Capital :

It is known as India’s Paragliding Capital and is the world’s second-best paragliding location. The take-off site for paragliding is Bir, while the landing spot is Billing. The best conditions for paragliding are found in Bir Billing. For a proper takeoff, paragliding requires exceptionally calm winds. Paragliders and those eager to try this adventurous sport come from all over the world when the cloud base is just right and the air currents are just right. People interested in becoming paraglider guides congregate in Bir Billing. Bir Billing offers a variety of courses. The lesser course is ten days long and costs 30,000 dollars. The duration of a longer paragliding course is 30 days. 

Bir Billing felt like the ideal site to elope over the weekend because it was not too crowded. We booked a taxi with a designated driver to transport us to our vacation spot. We conclude that the 15th of November is the best day to leave for Bir Billing. The big day arrives, and I’m giddy with anticipation. We finally leave after I finish my work with zero willpower and a level of excitement I can no longer contain. We begin our journey after gathering a bag packed with snacks and water for our trek. My pals and I are hungry after an hour and a half on the road. We decided to have dinner without giving it any thought.

 Himachal Pradesh’s hilly region:

I rub my eyes and glance out the window around 4 p.m., but the sun is still not out. I fell asleep at the Dhaba due to the abundance of food. When I inquired about our location, my driver stated that we were only a few minutes away from entering Himachal Pradesh’s hilly region. I’m obviously giddy and have my gaze fixed out the window to take in the breathtaking scenery. My friend Somya also wakes up, and we’re both looking up at the sky, waiting for the sun to shine. I rub my eyes and glance out the window around 4 p.m., but the sun is still not out. The sun takes its time coming out, but it eventually does. The most beautiful sunset peered through the mountains, creating a breathtaking display of brilliant colours. Blue with hints of orange and yellow in the sky. We certainly have our cameras out, but there are no words or photographs that can adequately express what our eyes beheld at dawn.

As the rain begins to fall, we pause for brunch at Maggi Point. We enter the cafe via a flight of green stairs. Apart from the charming old couple who own the cafe and serve us the most delectable breakfast in the morning, we are greeted by Rocky, the cutest golden retriever ever. Abeer remembers her puppy from back home. 


We arrived at Mcleodganj around 11 a.m. We only decided to climb to the well-known Bhagsunag Waterfall because we were short on time. We pass by many stores selling souvenirs and rubbish jewellery that you can purchase. We began our trip after passing by the Bhagsu Nag shrine. The hike is a little difficult. The stairs are uneven and the path is slightly rough. As a result, you should take things slowly and not rush into it. To keep yourself refreshed, drink the fresh cool water that comes out of the pipes whenever you feel fatigued. We finally arrive at the waterfalls after much panting and puffing, and they are breathtaking. We take a seat in the jute-covered nook.

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It takes only 3 hours to get from McLeodGanj to Bir Billing. The route is lined with brilliant, colourful cottages that make you want to stay forever. We arrived at Shivarama Glamping around 5 p.m. We booked the Shivarama Glamping, which is known for its lodging facility in Bir Billing, because the three of us were searching for a good camping experience.

 In Bir Billing Paragliding :

The next day approaches, and I am giddy with anticipation.This is the day I’ve been anticipating for quite some time.Paragliding has always been at the top of my adventurous bucket list, and the fact that Bir Billing is the paragliding capital makes it even better. We say our goodbyes to our tent and make our way to Billing. There are many paragliding professionals and instructors present. We discuss using their services with them. The next day approaches, and I am giddy with anticipation. Because a seat is designed to accommodate you, I can confidently state that this is the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in. I’ll never forget the birds-eye view of the dense green trees or the towering mountains adjacent to me. We arrive at Billing, the landing site, in 15 to 20 minutes. I am certain that I will never forget the enormous height I reached and will treasure it for the rest of my life. And if I’m lucky enough, I’ll return to experience this emotion once more. 


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