Why Opt For A Branded LIVE Streaming Solution For Your Event?

Live streaming has a lot of benefits to offer. To begin with, it is a great way to bridge the gap between a remote audience and an in-person audience. Making an in-person event accessible to a remote audience facilitates exponential reach for a business or firm. With the help of a professional or branded live Streaming Solution, the event can be conveniently live-streamed by amateurs, regardless of technical know-how and expertise.

Live streaming is simply a broadcasting practice that enables a physical event to be accessed digitally via a live streaming services provider. Live streaming is much in demand presently owing to the pandemic and the social distancing norms it entails. The popularity of live-streaming is also because of the inclusivity element it offers to a remote audience and helps organisations and businesses to connect with a global audience on a deeper and personal level. The physical barriers of commutation are also eliminated in this case.

Why use a branded/professional live streaming solution?

With the help of streaming services providers, the job of live streaming becomes easier as compared to devising a personal server. Setting up a personal server to live-stream an event requires a lot of technical knowledge, expertise, and skills that an average business person might not possess. Even purchasing a personal server can get quite tricky since it comes with a huge expense and may be too complicated to navigate.

For a business or company new to the world of live streaming, they can check out streaming services available on the market. Generally, it is easiest and most affordable to go with webcast services providers. Webcast services providers make life easy and facilitate live streaming an event with a simple click.

Benefits of employing a branded live streaming solution

1. Superior quality of streaming

Streaming with a personal server or a free webcast service usually does not promise a good quality of streaming. For a high-quality experience, live streaming companies that offer robust infrastructure and superior content delivery networks should be picked. To avoid frequent technical glitches and buffers in the video quality while streaming the event, a platform that offers reliable video streaming should be chosen.

2. High audience prospects

The biggest limitation of a physical event has to be that of space and accommodation. Only a limited number of people can be invited to attend an event in person owing to venue space. However, such constraints are eliminated with live streaming. Live streaming services in India and abroad allow an unlimited number of people to attend a remote event. This is convenient for those who might be unable to attend a certain event due to travel restrictions or other commitments.

3. Wide variety

Live streaming is not limited to live audio and video streaming but now allows flexibility and a variety of video content can be presented. Multimedia including images, graphics, texts, and so on can be included. There is also flexibility to access different presentation methodologies.

4. Convenience

This has to be the biggest boon of live-streaming for a tech amateur. To live stream an event, all that is required is relevant audio and video equipment, stable internet bandwidth, a live streaming services provider, and an encoder.

5. Analytics

The tool analytics helps analyze the live-streamed event and assess its success in terms of audience engagement, viewership, and attendees’ behaviour. Most branded/professional streaming services offer the analytics tool to track and evaluate the outcome and success of the event.

A lot of live-streaming platforms, like Dreamcast, also offer relevant parameters’ analysis like the number of attendees, audience engagement, and behaviour. This data is valuable since it helps the host to identify the kind of audience and what elements need improvisation.

The valuable insights from analytics tools enable the host to put up a better show in the future by identifying things that worked and things that did not. Implementing the necessary changes in the future live streams helps one refine the overall strategy.

6. Mobile streaming

A huge majority of people today use their smartphones for everything. Half the video content online today is viewed by people on their phones, which means that most people will choose to attend the live stream on a phone too. Being aware of these trends and statistics is necessary to make sure that the audience can conveniently access the live stream from any device.

Such a streaming platform should be picked that can easily display the live stream on a mobile phone in a convenient manner.

7. Cost-effective

Adopting a professional/branded live streaming platform is beneficial in the sense that it is very cost-effective, especially as opposed to self-hosting a server. Content delivery and bandwidth are also important elements to consider. Of course, certain streaming service providers are more expensive than the others but is preferable to go with one that has pre-developed software.

8. Security

With piracy and cybercrime rates at an all-time high, privacy and security of information are the need of the hour. Illegal streaming services contribute to a majority of piracy cases and also garner a whopping number of views. Certain streaming platforms like YouTube which are free of cost, have negligible privacy and security tools. Paid tools and platforms, on the contrary, are equipped with security and privacy tools. This is important since it keeps valuable information safe from hackers. Features like password protection, IP, and domain restrictions, and tokenized security protect video content from piracy.


Long story short, live streaming services are designed to help companies, businesses, and individuals broadcast like a professional and create unique video content. Such streaming service providers are designed for creating content. This helps to up one’s game as a creator and conveys to the audience of their tech-savviness and creativity. By implementing innovative and up-to-date solutions to an audience, success is promised.

All in all, live streaming services allow one to access a wider viewer base and devise a customized viewing and engagement experience for the audience.

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