Let’s know about Rockspace range extender essential peculiarities

Let’s know about Rockspace range extender essential peculiarities

The Rockspace range extender is a smart wireless range extender that supplies the smart internet connection coverage of your router. You can exercise the internet connection of this device using the dual-band connection. This is implied by adopting the Realtek chip program in Taiwan. It generates more than features in this device for accessing the 2.4GHz Frequency band radio wireless speed up to up to the 300Mbps connection. This also gives the 5GHz frequency band radio network connection by utilising an innovative generation of 11AC technology connection. 

To develop the wireless connection bandwidth of this device then you can only use the dual-band frequency of this device. Just, you have to do the rock space wifi extender setup and access the high-speed network range. Moreover, to enhance the effectiveness of wireless frequency intonation, just place it in a proper location. This also delivers the most high-priced speed of upward to 867Mbps can comfortably sustain HD (HD1080P) movie Play, HD video streaming, watching live online video, play 3D games without any lag issue and also use more other high-speed applications. 

Rockspace range extender essential peculiarities

This is a networking range extender that essentially combines with your internet router and automatically supplies the internet connection within a minute. It is a compatible device that complies with the  IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n standards connections. The Rockspace wireless device supplies the 1200Mbps network connection with the network speed of the dual-band network connection. 

This also delivered the proper securable network connection with the WPA and fixed PSK security encryption. It is an internet device that supports the LAN and WAN wired network connection. Obtain from below the Rockspace range extender essential peculiarities that are mentioned below. 

Compatible internet satisfying device: 

The Rockspace device is a compatible device that combines with the IEEE 802.11ac/a/b/g/n standards network connections. The front panel layout of this device has five LED signal ports. This is most important for transferring the internet connection or verifying the network status of this device. The power LED signal status indicators are blinks to show the electrical power status of this internet device. Apart from this, the WPS status signal indicators are blinks to show the pairing successfully. 

The WLAN signal indicator blinks while the wireless devices are attached to the wireless devices connected and transmitting data by using the internet router. So, combine your internet device with this internet device using the pairing modem that is WPS and check the network status immediately via its internet status showing indicator light. You can use it while broadcasting or supporting data by the WAN port the symbol blinks.

The installation process of the Rockspace range extender is very easy:

Use the user manual administration for its straightforward installation process. Attach the internet modem with the power cable and also combine its ADSL connection using the Rj11 network cable. Also, combine the line port connection with the line port connection. You can also attach the Rj45 cable with your internet modem or your internet router. Now, establish the network connection by switching on the electric power of this device. 

Now, you can press this internet device and access the high-speed connection. You can procure a well-built internet connection in your device. So, combine your internet router with the Rj45 internet cable with any router and also combine its other port with your device LAN network connection. The rockspace ac1200 setup will exclusively finish by this internet device using the remote system like the Rocspace app or using the Rockspace user interface. 

Access the internet connection on any device: 

The next feature of this device is that you can access the internet connection on your numerous devices. Configure this process on your internet device with a stable connection. So, make sure the stable connections are connected to your router or the modem. You can inaugurate the power of your wireless computer and click on the strat or window option. Search the run in its search bar of your control under the run menu bar you have to search for the control panel. 

The control panel of this device contains many options for changing the settings of this device. Now, you can locate the Rockspace internet wireless range extender network name and put in which prompting field your device login password. After this, attach the internet connection to this device or enjoy its seamless connection throughout the network on your device. Lastly, click on the connect option for combining its network connection with the wireless network of this extender. Read more


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