Best Game Streaming Platforms and Sites

want to identify some of the best game streaming platforms? There are a variety of options in the market, from paid to free, from simple ones to advanced platforms. We will talk about some of the trendiest video game streaming platforms in this article that will make it simpler for you to choose.

Top video game streaming sites

Live video is a growing and trendy way for content creators to flawlessly connect with all their viewers. The top feature of live streaming is that you can relate with your viewers and this, in order, increases your reputation. Streaming live game is a trending theme these days for which you will necessitate a superior platform or site. So, if you as well want to live stream video games, here are some of the top gaming streaming sites that will create your streaming knowledge much more straightforward.


Twitch got on track as Justin. tv in 2007 and is one of the best video game streaming sites you can discover today. On average, there were 2.5 million people watching streaming on the platform at any given time in July 2021, as derived from reports. You can use Twitch anywhere. You can use it on your PC, phone, Xbox, PS4, or any other device from which you can stream gaming content. In fact, viewers can also access the streams from any device. The best aspect of this platform is that it has immense community support. It is at this time a part of the e-commerce massive Amazon. So, free money is given out to Amazon Prime affiliates to maintain their beloved streamers on Twitch. Let us have a look at the vital features of Twitch.

Key features:

  • simple follower interaction with banner profile
  • Stream live remarks
  • Emote slots to improve connections
  • Subscriber button for the fans
  • Cheermotes to increase earnings
  • Scheduled times for streams


  • Average 1.8 million audiences at some given time
  • New profits channels to get money
  • Easy and effective subscription model for long-term earnings


  • With a huge number of obtainable streamers on this platform, getting noticed is a mission
  • Minimum fifty supporters run ads and monetize streams

Twitch will allow you to monetize your streams by ads if you can meet precise requirements. Some of them are – seven divided streams in one month, 500 minutes of streamed data in one month, or a least fifty followers.

YouTube Gaming

All of us are alert to the stats of the video streaming enormous, YouTube. Being a part of the biggest search engine internationally, Google, YouTube Gaming has an inclusive collection of streamers who give the spectators what they want. Gaming is currently a big thing on YouTube. As the invention of children who developed with expertise and gaming started to get into the area of making videos, YouTube turned out to be the most noteworthy place for online video. The greatest thing about YouTube Gaming is that it provides streamers with plenty of tools that make video game streaming an easy victory for them. The streaming platform is uncomplicated and easy to make use of. It is comparatively like the typical YouTube platform you are familiar with.

Key features:

  • Easy and plain UI
  • Video class choices, such as 480p, 1080p, and others
  • Outstanding support system and tools
  • Huge audience base


  • Free live streaming
  • Great viewers interaction
  • Stream saving option that viewers can watch later


  • The interface takes up much space
  • Cluttered display
  • No form of unique incentives or rewards

YouTube Gaming is a piece of YouTube. So, it uses collaborator programs and classified ads like standard YouTube to provide income. It is an admirable option for all those who have minute followings. It also offers donations.

6 streams:

6Streams is a promising sports streaming website, which is at this time admired worldwide.

It is comparatively right to call sports a type of meditation. Sports help out in mental and physical sustenance, allowing positivity to triumph over your mood. Therefore, approximately everyone finds bliss in games and loves to play or watch, whenever possible.

6Stream, which directs to the same streaming link and helps him or her in finding the web address on Google search results. Keep reading The UK Time for further information. 


DLive is a live sports streaming service that came up in the year 2017. BitTorrent pay for DLive in 2019. Content creators can get immense esteem on this platform. All the generated revenue goes to the streamers straightforwardly. The UI is appreciably simple and is an outstanding option for new game streamers. The spectator’s base is also great. The monetization development of DLive is not crystal clear. On the other hand, the platform got an immense reputation in the last only some years, which points toward that the proceeds system of the platform is fairly good.


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