Popular Perfume Brands in 2022

You can start by reading our article about Juicy Couture and Caron. We also discuss L’artisan Parfumeur and d’Empire. Each brand has unique characteristics and is worth considering. However, we also recommend you try one of these brands before making a final decision. The following list of popular fragrance brands will help you choose the right perfume for yourself. It is important to read labels carefully and do your homework before buying.


The Parfum d’Empire perfume brand is known for its rich, luxurious fragrances that reflect the history and culture of the time in which they were created. The brand offers a collection of elixirs that pay homage to Napoleon, Josephine, the Russian Tsars, and Alexander the Great. These olfactory treats are both sumptuous and elegant. The brand’s Ambre Russe fragrance is the most popular scent in the range, and is a symbol of the Russian empire.

L’artisan Parfumeur

L’Artisan Parfumeur is a luxury perfume brand that offers a wide range of fragrances for women. The perfumes have been handcrafted by master perfumers using the finest raw ingredients. Since 1976, L’Artisan Parfumeur bottles have stood for originality and authenticity. The label on the bottles is a symbol of the brand’s commitment to artisanal excellence and the perfumes’ unique scents.

Juicy Couture

The fragrances of Juicy Couture are both playful and feminine, with an array of unique scents. For instance, the classic scent, Juicy Couture Classic, is a fresh blend of citrus and mellow musk and marigold. For a more modern scent, try Oui, a sweet and fruity blend of raspberry and white moss. In addition, you can choose from the brand’s many seasonal scents, including Majic Woods, which features notes of sandalwood and amber.


The French perfume brand Caron, best known for its men’s fragrance “Pour un Homme” created in 1934, is in the process of being sold. It has also become known for its high-end face powders and perfume fountains. But what is the future of the company? Ales Groupe has hired investment bank Lazard to find a buyer. Lazard declined to comment. In the interim, Ariane de Rothschild is taking over the company.

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Maison Margiela

A cologne by Maison Margiela is a sophisticated fragrance that is unisex and has become a popular choice among fashionistas. This brand is known for its bestselling fragrances like By the Fireplace and Jazz Club. These unisex fragrances are reminiscent of familiar aromas and moments. In addition to colognes, Maison Margiela also sells candles, gift sets, travel sets, and more.

Le Labo

The perfume brand Le Labo is a quirky hybrid of hipster and niche culture. Their expensive fragrances are named for their main ingredients, and the stores themselves are modeled after a storybook. Their name is an apt identifier: the name, “Le Labo,” means “laboratory,” and the brand describes itself as a pseudo-scientific ‘lab’ that uses the science of perfume to create unique fragrances. The company eschews the poetic or hedonistic aspects of perfume, and instead opts for a more cultivated minimalistic approach to fragrance creation.

Nick Ricardo Collection

The founder of Nick Ricardo Collection, Nick Yeast, has a mission to break down gender barriers in the fragrance industry and inspire change. Yeast wants to change the narrative of the black, queer, and transgender community by starting conversions and disruptions in the industry. It is also proudly black-owned and operated, and encourages people to embody their truth. To do this, Yeast first took a fragrance class in South Korea, where he felt inspired to create Nick Ricardo Collection.

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